Spells Database
Data Items
Name - string
The name of the spell.

Class (aka "Wiz-Y/N") - boolean
Whether or not the spell is a "wizard spell." If not a "wizard spell," then it is a "priest spell."

Level - integer
The level of the spell.

Spell-ID - integer
This identifier is unique for each combination of (Name + Class + Level).

Schools/Colleges - indexed array of boolean
Each spell belongs to at least one school/college.

Spheres - indexed array of boolean - ("priest" spells only!)
Each "priest" spell belongs to at least one sphere.

  1. "All"
  2. Animal
  3. Combat
  4. Creation
  5. Divination
  6. Elemental
    1. (All Elemental)
    2. Air
    3. Earth
    4. Fire
    5. Water
  7. Guardian
  8. Healing
  9. Light
  10. Necromantic
  11. Plant
  12. Protection
  13. Sun
  14. Thought
  15. Time
  16. Travel
  17. Wards
  18. Warfare
  19. Weather

Gaming Data - indexed array of string - (optional?)
This is the Range, Duration, Area of Effect, etc., for the Spell.

  1. Range
  2. Duration
  3. Area of Effect
  4. Components
  5. Casting Time
  6. Saving Throw
  7. Damage/Effect

Reversed Name - string - (optional)
The name of the reverse of the spell, if the spell can be reversed.

Alias - string - (optional)
An alternate name for the spell. This also for spells that have appeared in different Sources with different Names that are nonetheless identical (or for those I've renamed).

Commments (Spell) - text
This is where I state what changes I've made to an otherwise "standard" spell.

Source - string
Where the spell was published. Note that a Spell could be published in more than one Source.

Source-ID - integer
This is a unique identifier for each Source.

Comments (Source) - text
This is where I state whether or not I will permit Spells from this Source to be used in my campaign.


Spells - (primary table)

  1. Spell-ID
  2. Name
  3. Class
  4. Level
  5. Schools/Colleges
  6. Gaming Data - (if used)
Priest Spells
  1. Spell-ID - (from Spells table)
  2. Spheres
Reversed Spells
  1. Spell-ID - (from Spells table)
  2. Reversed Name
AKA Spells
  1. Spell-ID of (Primary) Name - (from Spells table)
  2. Spell-ID of Alias Name - (from Spells table)
Spell Commentary
  1. Spell-ID - (from Spells table)
  2. Comments (Spell)
Sources - (primary table)
  1. Source-ID
  2. Source
Source Commentary
  1. Source-ID - (from Sources table)
  2. Comments (Source)
Spell Locator
  1. Spell-ID - (from Spells table)
  2. Source-ID - (from Sources table)