Galen of Lyonesse
This is the "secret info" for the character Galen, played by Franklin W. Cain

Psyche:    Ranked    [10]
Strength:    Chaos Rank    [+10]
Endurance:    Ranked    [5]
Warfare:    Ranked    [10]


Basic Imprint of the Pattern of Amber    [50]
Basic Trump Artistry    [40]

Creatures, Items, and Shadows:

Galen's Armor - Resist Firearms    [2]
Galen's Sword - Extra Hard    [1]
Galen's Trumps - Personal Trump Deck    [2]
Shadow: Lyonesse    [5]
     ·    Personal Shadow    [1]
     ·    Control of Contents and Timeflow    [2]
     ·    Comm. Barrier and Restr. Access    [2]

Allies and "Stuff":

Chaos Devotee:   ???      [4]
House Support:   ???      [3]
Good Stuff    [3]


(none yet)    [0]


Attributes    15 points
Powers    90 points
Creatures, Items, and Shadows    10 points
Allies and "Stuff"    10 points
Total    125 points
Base    125 points
Contributions:    0 points

Supplemental Info:

Galen is the son of Osric (yes, that Osric, one of Oberon's other sons by Cymnea).

The Trumps by Dworkin in Galen's possession are from the deck that Osric had. The "tall, elegant woman" is Cymnea, and the two "tall, lean men" are Osric and Finndo (I do not yet know which one is which). The "large castle on a lake" (in one of the two Trumps by Galen) is of Lyonesse (a personal shadow of Galen's).