Throne War: K4W
Character Write-Up
A Throne War scenario involving the Keep of the Four Worlds, for the Amber DRPG, and hosted by Franklin W. Cain.

Queen in Exile
PSY:  2nd Rank                          Pattern:  3rd Rank (Broken Pattern)
STR:  Chaos   Trump:  3rd Rank
END:  Chaos   Shape Shift:  3rd Rank (Poison stinger only)
WAR:  Chaos   Magic:  2nd Rank
  Fount:  2nd Rank
  Army:  (n/a)
Starting Location: Shadow, near Kashfa

Secrets Known:

  • Drawbacks of being Bathed in the Fount
  • Location of the Crystal Cave
  • Tracking via the Tragoliths

Somehow, Sharu has escaped the mystic enslavement in which you bound him (to serve as your Guardian of the Fount). And now, you have to go through the entire mess all over again: dodge the lightning bolts, snare the wizard, and bind him once more. Of course, if it should be that your former apprentice, Julia, is behind this, well then, she's long overdue for a lesson in manners.