Throne War: K4W
Character Write-Up
A Throne War scenario involving the Keep of the Four Worlds, for the Amber DRPG, and hosted by Franklin W. Cain.

Mistress of the Keep of the Four Worlds
PSY:  2nd Rank                          Pattern:  3rd Rank (Broken Pattern)
STR:  Chaos   Trump:  3rd Rank
END:  Chaos   Shape Shift:  3rd Rank (Poison stinger only)
WAR:  Chaos   Magic:  2nd Rank
  Fount:  1st Rank
  Army:  (n/a)
Starting Location: The Keep of the Four Worlds

Secrets Known:

  • Drawbacks of being Bathed in the Fount
  • Location of the Crystal Cave
  • Tracking via the Tragoliths