Throne War: K4W
Character Write-Up
A Throne War scenario involving the Keep of the Four Worlds, for the Amber DRPG, and hosted by Franklin W. Cain.

Julia Barnes (aka "Mask")
Woman Twice-Scorned
PSY:  2nd Rank                          Pattern:  2nd Rank (Broken Pattern)
STR:  Chaos   Trump:  1st Rank
END:  Amber   Magic:  2nd Rank
WAR:  Amber   Fount:  2nd Rank
  Army:  3rd Rank
(You've hired some mercenaries)
Starting Location: (Variable)
  • The Keep of the Four Worlds
  • Shadow, near the Courts of Chaos
Secrets Known:
  • Tracking via the Tragoliths
  • Trump Gates
You aren't good enough for Jurt?!?

OK, you finally resolved your differences with Merlin: he wasn't really saying that you weren't good enough for him, he just wasn't willing to trust anyone at that point in his life. Fine, that's OK with you: you drove him crazy trying to figure out who "Mask" was, you almost killed him on several occasions, and then he finally realized what a stupid, pig-brained jerk he was for letting you go.

And now, his sniveling little step-brother, who was snubbed by most everyone in Chaos for being "not-quite as good as Merlin" at anything he tried to do, whom you let into your heart to fill the gaping wound Merlin left, has tossed you aside, just like his brother did?!?

That ragged-eared, one-eyed bastard's gonna bleed for this! . . .