Throne War: K4W
Character Write-Up
A Throne War scenario involving the Keep of the Four Worlds, for the Amber DRPG, and hosted by Franklin W. Cain.

Vengeful Son of Chaos
PSY:  Amber                          Logrus:  2nd Rank
STR:  Primal [*]   Trump:  (n/a)
END:  Primal [*]   Shape Shift:  2nd Rank
WAR:  Amber   Magic:  3rd Rank
  Fount:  Primal [*]
  Army:  3rd Rank
(Your mother has "loaned" you some of her Hendrake relatives...)
[*] -- (From being Bathed in the Fount of Power.)

Starting Location: Shadow, near the Courts of Chaos

Secrets Known:

  • Location of Corwin's Pattern

That bitch tossed you aside? How dare she! You risked you life for her! You've bled for her! You've appreciated her for her own worth, you've shown her every kindness, and you've sure as hell treated her better than Merlin did!!!

Somebody's gonna die for this! . . .