Throne War: K4W
Rank Structures
A Throne War scenario involving the Keep of the Four Worlds, for the Amber DRPG, and hosted by Franklin W. Cain.


  1st Rank 2nd Rank 3rd Rank Amber Rank Chaos Rank
PSY Luke Jasra, (Julia?) (Julia?), Sharu Dalt, (Jurt?) (Jurt?)
STR Dalt, (Jurt) Luke     Jasra, Julia, Sharu
END Dalt, (Jurt) Luke   Julia Jasra, Sharu
WAR Dalt Luke   (Julia?), (Jurt?) Jasra, (Julia?), (Jurt?), Sharu


  1st Rank 2nd Rank 3rd Rank
Pattern/Logrus   Dalt, (Julia?)*, (Jurt?), Luke Jasra*, (Julia?)*, (Jurt?)
Trump Julia, Luke   Jasra
Shape Shift   Jurt Jasra*
Magic Sharu Jasra, Julia, Luke Jurt
Fount of Power (Jasra?), (Jurt), Sharu (Jasra?), (Julia?) (Julia?), Luke
Army (Dalt?) (Dalt?), Luke (Julia?), (Jurt?), Sharu