A Bride for Merlin
GM's Pages
Here are the GM's notes and secret pages for A Bride for Merlin, a campaign for the Amber DRPG run in Atlanta, GA by Franklin W. Cain.
     If you are a player in this campaign, then you should NOT be reading this!

Rank Structure
1st Rank [60]   (Flark) [40]   (Fendrith) [50]   (Seonaid) [60]   (Flark)
2nd Rank [40]   (Flark) [25]   (Fendrith) [35]   (Fendrith) [45]   (Flark)
3rd Rank [30]   (Flark) [18]   Seonaid [25]   (Fendrith) [35]   (Flark)
4th Rank [23]   Flark [17]   Fendrith [17]   Fendrith [26]   Flark
5th Rank [22]   Shandor
[16]   Seonaid [25]   Fendrith
6th Rank [15]   Seonaid
[7]   Shandor
7th Rank [5]   Fendrith
[1]   Flark

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