Lorgath Chanicut, Lord of Chaos

Lorgath has long been a thorn in the side of Order. Son of Lord Chardil Chanicut and Lady Venra Hendrake, he was a doted-upon child, given a life of excess in youth and expected to join in his family's loyal contribution to House Chanicut, who in turn serves the Crown of Chaos.

Educated in the best schools in the arts of court and art, he began a cultured and refined life, but that life would be sidetracked by the needs of Chanicut-- many times. Lorgath was chosen, when he came of age and mastered the Logrus and the madness that follows it, to be an Agent for Special Services Division in House Chanicut, the premier spy school and agency in Chaos. He would become the King's man, one of the people who could be counted on to put Chaos before himself, to insure that embarrassments disappear and glories are discretely purchased and given to the right politicos. In the manner taught to every Chanicut since the Becoming, Lorgath sublimated himself to the needs of Swayvil and his reign.

Lorgath often questioned the purposes of the other Agents he worked with, but nothing the King asked for was any less than words from the Serpent itself. The King was his hero, the one important thing in an otherwise stressful and dangerous profession. Each time Lorgath put his life on the line, he recalled not what he was asked to do, but the glory and honor of the man who asked him to do it. For Lorgath, Swayvil was Chaos.

Duty was something Lorgath was used to. He rarely saw anyone in Chaos for long stretches (made longer by time flows in Shadow). None of them minded. There are some languages where the word for duty and service to an ideal is "chanicut". The Lords of that House smile with inner pride at that fact. When Lorgath's parents were killed in a shipwreck in the Black Zone, Lorgath was on assignment and couldn't be bothered. When their funeral was held and their holdings given back to the House, Lorgath was in Expessiano, a Shadow that Chaos needed destabilized. When Chaos was changing over centuries-- over millennia-- he was in Shadows with strange time flows that needed this or that done. When he was slowly forgotten by anyone not in Special Services Division, he was in Amber making notes on troop movements or lifting plans from minor nobles.

It's not that Lorgath hasn't lived a good life. He has had the best of everything. He demands the best of food and drink, he dresses in splendor, loves whatever woman catches his fancy, and he has wealth on demand-- either from the Agency or his skill with Logrus. The problem Lorgath sees is that he is no longer part of Chaos life. The lands he once knew are either overdeveloped or eroded. His old friends from school are old, dead, or no longer recall his time with them. Lorgath, ever the deniable asset, has learned that he has been denied.

His dissatisfaction comes from two separate events-- the death of his King and the mission he was sent on to survey a man named Lord Kregar Rebus. Rebus is one of the most minor of the Families (Minor Houses). It holds on to what small power it has by dealing in Shadow weaponry that is banned or shunned in Chaos. Lord Kregar was a salesman for this Family, selling arms to Enemies of Houses Sawall and Chanicut. Arms that would find their way back into Chaos to be used against the two Great Houses-- or the Crown itself. King Swayvil assigned the job to Special Services and Lorgath was off to find Kregar and liquidate any threat to Chaos or its Houses.

It was a swift job, finding Kregar in Shadow. Lots of informants were available and Lorgath worked the usual channels for information on the game that Rebus was playing. Once the trap was ready, Lorgath stepped into it. Thinking he was following Kregar on the last leg of an arms deal, Lorgath got to the agreed upon site early-- and then all Hell broke loose.

Lorgath could feel the barrier go up around the Shadow and then he found himself drifting to sleep-- a subtle shape-shifting gas that brought him down. One of the things on the list of Rebus' catalog, Lorgath mused gravely as he fell.

He awaked to find himself in a very posh and elegant island paradise. He was wearing a number.

The Village almost broke him.

Almost. But Lorgath rode it out, played the game. Finally, when he met and killed "Number 1", the demon in charge of keeping the barriers up, he waited until the Shadow began to return to its former composition and Logrused away. By the time he reported back to Chaos, he had been in the Village for seven years. In Chaos, countless millennia had passed. Lorgath was now a total stranger to Chaos.

Lorgath began to see how much had changed in the time he had been gone. Chaos and Amber had been at war and Chaos had sued for peace. Swayvil was dead, and a new King reigned. Lorgath was unstuck in time it seemed. The effects of all of this were pronounced in him, but he tried to forget it in taking new assignments with the still functioning Special Services, but nothing rang true anymore. He was working for a new and, compared to Swayvil, lesser King. Lorgath began to recognize the inequity of his relationship to Chaos. He had given everything for his Kingdom, and it had given him little in return but skills in assassination, espionage, and society. That and some really cool stories he can't tell.

Lorgath tried to quit the agency, but was told in no uncertain terms that only the House of the King could cut him loose from his obligations. And finally it happened. Lorgath spoke with Princess Seonaid, this new King's daughter, and she told him his services were not needed. In front of witnesses no less! He was free. Now, it is his time to get what is coming to him.