Liam's Chaos Devotee

Galen Helgram

Galen is the father of "The Elf King" (no other name known) from the Faerie Shadow called Underhill. The Elf King, in turn, is the grandfather of "The Puck" (Robin Goodfellow) and, by a different branch of the family tree, the great-grandfather of the pixie Glitterrose (Liam's mother).

Player: Galen's fathering of The Elf King was the result of but one of Galen's youthful (or not-so-youthful) escapades. Correct?

GM: That's the story he'd probably promote.

Player: How did Galen recognize Liam as being one of his descendents?

GM: That's hard to tell. He probably just approached you after your ascension to Amber. You suspect that he must have contacts through that part of Shadow.


  1. Would Galen regret fathering these offspring?
  2. Would they be an embarassment or liability to him?
  3. Are these offspring a source of discontent between him and Ysabella?


  1. I suppose it depends on the child. No useful tool is ever a waste.
  2. Likely neither.
  3. Probably, but if it is, they don't let it be seen like that.

In his "usual" human form, Galen is an almost skeletal cadaver with pale, fish-belly white skin and bleached, colorless hair. Even his eyes are colorless, being a greyish white (and not the pink or red that is the usual for albinos). He is usually attired in shades of black, red, and grey, which are the "colors" of House Helgram.

In his prefered Chaos/"Demon" form, Galen appears to be a column of living black flames.

Galen is assumed to be a master magician or sorceror, with some degree of control over the Logrus (or its analog/equivalent). However, he has not demonstrated any proficiency with Trump Artistry (at least, he has not demonstrated such proficiency while in Liam's presence; furthermore, all of the Trumps they have shown to Liam have been in Ysabella's style). Galen has not demonstrated any affinity for swordsmanship, but he has an uncanny grasp of tactics and strategy.

Ysabella Helgram (nee Barimen)

Ysabella is Galen's wife. Obviously, she must be in some way related to Oberon's pet wizard, Dworkin Barimen. She occasionally mentions Dworkin, usually derisively, but Dworkin neither confirms or denies any connection.

Player: How does she feel about Liam? Yes, she has helped him in the past, but was it for "maternal" reasons, helping a (great³) grandchild of her husband, or was it to further any secret plans against her "cousin", Dworkin?

GM: I think it an academic difference at best.

Ysabella so closely resembles her husband that she could easily be a distant (or not-so-distant) cousin of his.

In her "usual" human form, Ysabella is deathly thin, with alabaster skin and metallic black hair. Her eyse are large-irised, deep pools of midnight. She usually wears black, red, and grey, the "colors" of her adopted House.

In her prefered Chaos/"Demon" form, Ysabella appears to be a spindly demon, almost like a long-legged insect, with a mottled coloration of black, grey, and white.

Ysabella is also assumed to be a master magician or sorceress, with some degree of control over the Logrus (or its analog/equivalent). However, unlike her husband, she has demonstrated a considerable proficiency with Trump Artistry, having taught Liam beyond what he learned from Dworkin. Ysabella has demonstrated no affinity for the martial arts.

GM: In fact, she seems to think warfare is pretty silly. She has a basic grasp of the concepts, but it seems to not to interest her as much.

"Lord" Helgram (and House Helgram)

The being introduced to Liam as "Lord Helgram" looked like an older version of Galen. He was slightly broader than Galen, but he was still somewhat skeletal. He had a commanding presence, and he radiated power. Liam has met Lord Helgram only once, and he doesn't know what Lord Helgram's Chaos form is. Liam presumes that Lord Helgram is Galen's father, but he doesn't know how many siblings Galen has, if any, and their relative birth order.

As mentioned above, the official "colors" of House Helgram are black, red, and grey. The official "symbol" of House Helgram is a winged snake, and can be heraldicly described as follows: "Gules, a snake rampant sinister sable, winged [grey], eyed gules" (On a background of red, a black snake in a somewhat "S"-shaped "attack" position, facing to the viewer's right, with grey wings and a red eye).

Most of the people in House Helgram are not very strong (in the physical sense of the word; low-ranked Strength and low-ranked to mid-ranked Endurance are assumed to be the norm), but they are known to be quite accomplished with the mystic arts.

Gonzalo Helgram

Gonzalo is the son of Galen and Ysabella. Liam has never met him in person. According to his parents, Gonzalo away in Shadow receiving an education. So far, Gonzalo is the only child of their union.

The Parlour

The siting room where Galen and Ysabella receive Liam appears to be a relatively ordinary parlour, but without any doors or windows. The room is panelled in dark red hardwoods that smell of "spicy cedar, with a hint of cherry or apple blossoms".

Prominently displayed throughout this room are numerous ribbons, awards, and trophies won by their son, Gonzalo.

GM: The older ones are just academic achievement, honor roll, etc. The newer ones are about the same, but there are a few plaques and trophies for some athletics event called "smelking" that he plays in the shadow he's at. You have no idea what that could possibly be. One of the plaques has a stylized creature of some sort (more demonic than anything else) with a what could pass for a baseball bat across one shoulder, but that's about it.

This room is part of either their personal Ways or the Ways of Helgram, and Chaosites can walk through the walls to other parts of the Ways. The actual portals change from time to time, to preserve the sense of freshness and originality (and, possibly, to prevent Liam from wandering off somewhere else).

GM: They have a few other scenic spots that can look like just about anything, but they tend not to be as mind-warping as other parts of Chaos.

Elsewhere in the Courts of Chaos

Unfortunately, if I understand Jeremy's response correctly, I must conclude that neither Galen nor Ysabella have taken Liam to any of the "public" locations in the Courts of Chaos, such as the Promenade, or the Edge of the Abyss, or the Firegate.

GM: No, they've taking you other places, but they try to choose places that are not likely to disturb your sensibilities. They tend to avoid the Abyss, since it looks into the Pit of Chaos, and that can be a bit frightening to some. But the Promenade is a possibility.