Loki's "Booster Stations"
These are the additional Pattern-charged Trump super-computers created by Liam and Loki (by Loki himself, in the case of the Gamma Sites).


Beta-One, -Two, and -Three (respectively nicknamed Borric, Brandon, and Bruno) are assigned the duty of receiving and colating the reports from Amber's spies. Less often, they monitor the activities of these agents (as needed). If a particular agent hasn't made his or her scheduled report in a longer-than-accepted time, then they try to re-establish contact with that agent, and then they will advise Loki about the problem. Finally, they assist in the infiltration of enemy/rival spy networks, by monitoring known/suspected enemy agents to find all other agents who come in contact with the known agents.

Beta-Four and -Five (respectively nicknamed Brianne and Bethany) are assigned the duty of monitoring all Trump communications (i.e., Trump Spying) of all entities known to Liam and/or Loki. Such intercepted communications are then evaluated for importance, and then the information is routed to the appropriate entity (one of the first three "booster stations", Loki, or Liam, depending on the importance of the data). They also perform the vital role of expanding the list of "known entities" by learning and memorizing any new entities who come into Trump contact with any of the previously known entities. (For a mundane, "real world" example analogous to this last practice, please read Tom Clancy's Clear and Present Danger, wherein the NSA uses a spy satellite to monitor the cell phones used by a drug cartel in Columbia.)

Beta-Six (nicknamed Bjorn) is assigned the duty of monitoring various locations that are important to Loki and/or Liam, cycling through these locations many times per second, effectively recording multiple "movies" of these locations. Bjorn also has the duty of assisting Betas-One, -Two, and -Three in the monitoring of enemy agents (see above).

Beta-Seven (nicknamed Bryan) is usually monitoring Liam, whenever Loki isn't doing that himself, and is otherwise available for Liam's ad hoc use.

Gamma-One, -Two, -Three, and -Four, the ones that are known only to Loki, perform whatever odds and ends Loki needs done, including research for his future evolution and growth.