Puck's "Travel Agency"

For services rendered, Liam gave Puck a Trump of Liam, a Trump of Underhill, and a Trump of Amber.

Puck has been using the Trumps of Underhill and Amber to run a "travel agency" for other elves back in Underhill, charging them "a favor" in exchange for a short vacation spying on and/or playing tricks on the "big folk" in Amber.

Liam has not objected to this provided that Puck allow no true harm (death, maiming, or other serious effect) to befall any of the elves' targets and that any information that might be of interest or use to Liam be given to him (via Puck; Puck does not want Liam to have an idea of just how large a number of elves he has been shuttling to and from Amber; Liam might decide to ask for more of a return then what he's already getting).

Just recently, when Oberon announced his wedding to Cymnea, Liam told Puck that he needed Puck to enlarge the intelligence-gathering activities for the duration of the emergency, and Puck graciously acceeded (again, he really wants to keep Liam ignorant of the extent of his scam; after all, these elves are Liam's cousins, and he might not approve of just how far Puck has been taking advantage of them).