A Shadow of the Realm of the Pattern,
containing the Golden Circle kingdoms Qahiri and Tehrazon

Geography / Climate

The single landmass within this Shadow is roughly the size of South America, and is located just north of the Shadow's equator, resulting in a sub-tropical climate, and giving the "usual" climatic orientation (north is "cooler", and south is "hotter"). The continent is split into an eastern half and a western half by an immense mountain range stretching from the very northernmost edges of the continent into the heart of the southern badlands. While this mountain range is quite impassable for the most part, there are a few narrow, treacherous passes here and there, and the southern reaches of these mountains have withered into an arid, rocky wasteland of mesas, dried rivers beds, and rocky deserts. Other than this southern wasteland, the rest of the continent is rugged hills and mountains, small, sparse forests, and dazzling, white beaches.

Qarasat hosts two kingdoms, both of which are members of the Golden Circle. Qahiri is the older of the two kingdoms, and it occupies most of the land east of the great mountains. The western kingdom, Tehrazon, was once a duchy of Qahiri, but it split off several centuries ago during a succession war, and is actually a more senior member of the Golden Circle than Qahiri (see footnote # 1).

Until quite recently, the southern badlands, Elqohborro, have not been formally claimed by either Qahiri or Tehrazon. That ended with the mutual, independent discovery of the largest vein of blue diamonds ever found in Elqohborro, one that dwarfs all the other diamond mines in Elqohborro, combined.


The kingdom of Qahiri is formed of several duchies.


As previously stated, the kingdom of Tehrazon was once a duchy of Qahiri.


Amber's recognition of Tehrazon, as part of their Golden Circle treaty, occured during the last few years of the afore-mentioned war of succession. Amber's treaty with Qahiri was several years later, after the war had ended.