Liam's Spies


As the winner of the coveted Position "Oberon's Spymaster" from the Private (i.e., Secret) Auction, Liam has hundreds of agents at his command.


These agents are arranged into various "cells". Any one agent-in-place will know only a relatively small number of agents. A leader of a cell will know all of the agents in his cell, as well as the senior agent overseeing his cell.

This senior agent, in turn, knows each of the cell leaders who report to him (but not any of the actual agents-in-place within those cells).

A very senior or otherwise very competent agent who has been tasked with covering a large area or domain will have only one or two contacts within each specific area of interest or importance within his domain.

Attributes and Abilities

The typical agent has Chaos-Rank attributes and no true powers. However, his Psyche and his Warfare are considered to be Amber-Rank when used for "spycraft". Note that, if the agent in question has a "cover identity" as a member of some other organization, his attributes (and other qualities) may actually be better than this. For example, an agent who has infiltrated Arric's castle guards (see "Infiltration", below) will have a better Warfare as well as the appropriate armor and weapons.

A cell-leader will have the attributes of the typical agent, possibly even better (fully Amber-rank Psyche or Warfare, for example).

An overseer will have Amber-Rank attributes (at least in Psyche and Warfare; the other two on a case-by-case basis), and will also have a Trump of his "supervisor" (in actuality, a disguised Trump of Beta-One, -Two, or -Three, whichever Beta site has the responsibility of overseeing that particular group of agents.

The typical roving agent will also have Amber-Rank attributes (in Psyche and Warfare; the other two on a case-by-case basis) as well as a Trump of his immediate "supervisor". He will also have a Trump of "Alpha" (a disguised Trump of Loki).


As the winner of the Spymaster Position, my character is allowed to know some of the secrets from each of the other characters. As part of this, Liam has had his agents infiltrate each and every other known power structure in the campaign (of those that are even remotely accessible from Amber; Liam's spies have scored minimal successes in penetrating the Courts of Chaos).

The winners of the other Positions auctioned off (the Admiral of Amber's fleet, the Sheriff of the city of Amber, the General of Arden's forest patrol, and the Captain of the castle guard), as well as the winner of Rebma, each have a small network of "eyes and ears" of their own, dedicated to just their personal area of control, however. Likewise, any character who has a personal shadow under their control can be assumed to have a similar small, dedicated network of agents within that shadow. Liam's agents have penetrated all of these networks (at least, those networks that Liam is aware of).

Based on prior correspondences with the GM, Liam is assumed to have at least a few agents in each of these organizations.

Standard Procedures

Trump Calls:

Each of these agents has received one or more Trump calls from "Alpha" and/or the appropriate "supervisor", to familiarize him with the sensation of Trump communications (and to verify each agent's loyalty and integrity). At any time, these agents may be the recipient of a Trump call (from Loki or a Beta site), and the agents have been trained on how to receive these calls without endangering their cover identity (they should be alone or otherwise immediately re-arrange their circumstances so that the fact that they are in Trump communication with someone is not immediately obvious).

  1. This was a Position in the Secret Auction. Click here and then use the "Find" function for "Head of Intelligence" to read the official background info written by the GM for this Position.

  2. The "disguised" Trumps of Loki and the Beta sites show the same image, that of a disembodied, floating head wearing a cowl or hood, in shades of grey (with maybe a hint of blue). Likewise, the backs of these Trumps have the same non-standard image, that of a disembodied, floating, red cat's-eye on a white sunburst on a black background (or, in formal heraldic terms, "sable, a sunburst argent charged with a cat's-eye gules").

  3. The three first-tier Broken Patterns, the Keep of the Four Worlds, and the Cave of the Tragoliths were Items in the Secret Auction. Click here and then use the "Find" function for either "Broken Pattern", "Four Worlds", or "Tragoliths" to read the official background info written by the GM for the specific Item in question.