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The Cherub
A superhero character, with game stats for Champions/HERO System as well as for Truth & Justice/PDQ.
(Character name and concept © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved.)

Character Background / History

Mike was a good boy, from a good family. His parents were honest, hard-working immigrants who'd left the Old Country during the bad times, after the Tsar had been overthrown and the Reds took over. Mike grew up during hard times, but he never lacked proper food or clothes -- his parents always managed to provide.

Mike had just started high school when Hitler invaded Poland and the world was once more at war. It was about this time that strange growths started sprouting from Mike's back.

The doctors could find no explanation for these growths. Some of them recommended they be surgically removed, but Mike's parents couldn't afford the surgery. The church offered to help, but the congregation was not affluent, so it took time to raise the money needed.

"This here's your Traffic Angel comin' at ya on this here sunny afternoon. Up here on Northside, it looks like our usual 4 PM gridlock, so lemme see if I can find an alternate for you."

By the time they had the money, the growths had developed into large, bird-like wings! And even more amazing, Mike could use these wings to fly!

Too young to join the war, Mike wanted to use his new found powers to help his adopted country. He approached the local costumed heroes, who agreed to mentor him and train him in using his powers for the good of others. They tried to keep him out of danger, but Mike was irrepressable, and the power of flight was just too useful to not call upon. Nonetheless, all during this apprenticeship, Mike was never seriously endangered and never suffered any injuries.

"We've got an accident here on the Westside, around Exit 12. No injuries, thank goodness, but the two left lanes of the Interstate are blocked, and traffic is backed up all the way to Exit 9. So our studio'd better put on a few extra songs for you all, cuz' we aren't movin' any time soon."

After the War, Mike decided to become a full-time hero. His parents were a little disappointed he didn't go on to college, but since Mike had never excelled in any specific scholastic arena, they didn't have any serious expectation of him getting a college degree.

Tragically, it was a routine crime, with mundane crooks, which cost Mike his life. An ordinary crook, armed with an ordinary revolver, managed to get off a lucky shot, and Mike suffered a fatal gunshot wound through the heart.

Mike was laid to rest at the Orthodox church he'd been attending all his life. His parents were grief-stricken, and having no other children to distract them from their tragedy, they both died less than a decade later.

"Well, look here! Southside is runnin' real smooth, hardly any slowdowns at all. You all take it easy down there, an' maybe this good luck'll last us the rest of the night!"

Over fifty years later, the church buildings were condemned. The church had just built newer, larger buildings, so they agree to let their older buildings be cleared away. While the construction was going on, the decedents were moved from the old grounds to the new. One of the crews were scared half to death when one of the coffins they were transferring was opened by its occupant -- Mike had come back from the dead.

Mike was all alone in this world when he awoke. Few of the family and friends he'd had before his "death" were still alive, and those few were all old and grey, while he was young and spry.

Today, several years later, Mike is a local celebrity and a part-time traffic reporter who patrols the city's skies for the good of his fellow citizens. When "off duty," Mike is frequently helping out at one of several charities, a few of which are affiliated with his church.

GM's Notes

Mike is not a mutant. He's the descendant of a nephilim.

Character Write-Up for Truth & Justice/PDQ



Unchained Technique(s):



His Background/Origin would be "Nice Kid From the 1940s", his Past would be "Sidekick-Turned-Hero", and his Motivation would be "Be a Hero".

He split one of his Extra Fortes into two "Average Rank" Fortes, and then converted one of those "Average Rank" Fortes into a second Foible.

His radio and video camera rig was provided by the network station that employs him as a traffic reporter. (He's rather less expensive than a helicopter with pilot, after all.)

Character Write-Up for Champions/HERO System

Cost      CHAR      Value                
25 STR 35   
48 DEX 26
26 CON 23
10 BODY 15
3 INT 13
8 EGO 14
10 PRE 20
2 CML 14
8 PD 15
10 ED 15
7 MD 10
14 SPD 6
6 REC 15
2 END 50
5 STUN 50
184 Subtotal for All CHARs
OCV:   9
DCV:   9

OMCV:   (n/a)
DMCV:   5

Total DEF
PD:   21   (6   rPD)
ED:   21   (6   rED)
MD:   10

CHAR Rolls
STR:   16 --      
DEX:   14 --
CON:   14 --
INT:   12 --
EGO:   12 --
PRE:   13 --
CML:   12 --
PER Rolls
(Base):   12 --
Sight:   12 --
Hearing:   12 --
Smell/Taste:   12 --
Touch:   12 --
Radio:   12 --
Mental:   (n/a)
Mystic:   12 --
Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12




Cost      Skill      Roll
3 Acrobatics (DEX)
3 Breakfall (DEX)
3 Combat Driving (DEX)
3 Conversation (PRE)
3 Electronics (INT)
3 Mechanics (INT)
1 Navigation 8--
1 Oratory 8--
3 Paramedic/First Aid (INT)
3 Persuasion (PRE)
1 Seduction 8--
3 Shadowing (INT)
3 Showmanship (PRE)
3 Stealth (DEX)
3 Streetwise (PRE)
1 Systems Operation 8--
3 Teamwork (DEX)
21 (Background Skills)  
3 Jack of All Trades
3 Well-Connected
70 Subtotal for All Skills
Cost      Background Skill      Roll
2 KS: Chess 11--
1 KS: Russian Orthodox Christianity 8--
2 KS: The 1940s 11--
3 CK: (Campaign City) (INT)
2 PS: Vid-Cam Operator (INT)
2 PS: Reporter (PRE)
1 PS: Singing 11--
2 TF: Common Surface Vehicles (INT)
2 TF: Motorcycle (DEX)
2 WF: Common Small Arms (INT)
0 Lng: English (native) 14--
2 Lng: Russian 11--
21 Subtotal for Background Skills

Cost      Perquisite
3 Contact: Stephanie Wilson, first cousin twice-removed, a police officer trying to make detective (12--; skills; contacts [local])
3 Contact: Priest (13--; contacts [local])
2 Contact: Journalist for local newspaper (11--; skills; contacts [local])
3 Group Contact: Local charities (11--; contacts [local]; ×3)
1 Fringe Benefit: Press Pass
0 Money: Average
6 Rep.: Charitable superhero from an earlier era (+3d6; med. grp.: everyone in Campaign City; 11--)
18 Subtotal for All Perquisites

Cost      Power      END
8 Skill Levels: +5 with Agility Skills, Only for one skill (Acrobatics; --1½), Only with Flight and Gliding (--½) --
12 Skill Levels: +5 with Unarmed/HTH Combat, Only for three maneuvers (Move By, Grab By, and Dodge; --½), Only with Flight and Gliding (--½) --
15 Eagle Eyes: Telescopic ×5 (PER +10 vs. Range Mods) for All Sight --
0 (Ranged for All Mystic Senses) --
30 Discriminatory and Targeting for All Mystic Senses --
5 Celestial Awareness: Detect Celestial Auras (i.e.: Divine and/or Infernal; bought as "one thing"; defined as part of Mystic Sense Group), Sense --
5 Mystic Awareness: Detect Magic (bought as "class of things"; defined as part of Mystic Sense Group) --
3 Wings: Extra Limbs, Inherent (+¼), Limited Manipulation (--¼), Always On (--½) --
38 Healing 1d6, Regeneration (1 BODY per Turn), Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection (stopped by being properly laid to rest in consecrated resting place), (base=35), 0 END (+½), Continuous (+1), Persistent (+½), (active=105), Extra Time: One Turn (--1¼), Self Only (--½) 0
0 Leaping +0" (7" move total), ×2 noncombat 1
5 Life Support (Does not age) --
2 Running +1" (7" move total), ×2 noncombat 1
0 Swimming +0" (2" move total), ×2 noncombat 0
23 Wings: Multipower (35-pt. reserve), Restrainable (--½) --
1 [u:35] Wing Buffet: Area Effect for STR 35 (One Hex; Double Radius ×1 [2" radius total]; Selective Target; +1), HTH Attack/No Range (--½) 3 (7)
2 [u:35] Flight 15", ×2 noncombat, plus +1 skill level with Flight 3
2 [u:35] Gliding 35", ×2 noncombat 0
9 Armor (6 PD; 6 ED), Activ. 14-- (--½), OIF: Clothes (leather biker jacket, heavy jeans, and combat boots; --½) --
6 High Range Radio Perception, OAF: Radio/CamCorder Head-Set (--1) --
2 Flash Defense (5 DEF vs. Sight), OAF: Sunglasses (--1) --
168 Subtotal for All Powers

In my campaigns, the Mystic Sense Group provides the Range Sense Modifier to all Mystic Senses
(just the same as the Mental Sense Group providing the Range Sense Modifier to all Mental Senses).

Cost      Disadvantage
10 Dependent NPC: Stephanie Wilson, first cousin twice-removed, a police officer trying to make detective (less pow.; 11--)
5 Dependent NPC: Priest (less pow.; 8--)
10 DF: Wings (conceal. w/ effort)
5 DF: Celestial aura (not conceal.; vs. unusual senses/small group)
30 Hunted: DEMON (more pow.; NCI; PC has Public ID; 11--)
25 Hunted: Various mystic supervillains of GM's choosing (more pow.; PC has Public ID; 11--)
25 Hunted: VIPER (more pow.; NCI; PC has Public ID; 8--)
20 Watched: Various religious sects (more pow.; NCI; PC has Public ID; 11--; watched)
20 Psych. Lim.: Code of the Hero; Protective of innocents (VC; strong)
15 Psych. Lim.: Overconfident (VC; mod.)
15 Psych. Lim.: Moral values and mindset from the 1940s (com.; strong)
10 Psych. Lim.: Devout Russian Orthodox (com.; mod.)
10 Psych. Lim.: Lonely (com.; mod.)
10 Rep.: Charitable superhero from an earlier era (11--)
20 Soc. Lim.: Public Identity, Mike Chekov (11--; major)
15 Soc. Lim.: Legal issues and other fallout, from being legally dead for half a century, and from resulting age discrepancy (11--; minor)
245 Subtotal for All Disadvantages

Cost      Subtotal
184 Characteristics
70 Skills
18 Perquisites
168 Powers
440 Character Total
Cost      Subtotal
200 Character Base
245 Disadvantages
0 Experience Spent
445 Character Total
(Character name and concept © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved.)