Drain 1d6 CP, vs. STUN


  • 2× Delayed Recovery
    (5 CP every 5 minutes;
    1 STUN per minute; +½)
  • Continuous (+1)
  • Uncontrolled (+½)
  • 0 END and Persistent (+1)
  • OAF: cryo-tube (immobile; -2)
  • Extra Time: 20 minutes (-1¼)
  • RSR: Paramedic (easy; -¼)
  • Side Effects: Drain vs. BODY
    (otherwise as above; -1)
  • Base Cost: 10 pts.
  • Active Cost: 40 pts.
  • Final Cost: 9 pts.
Cryo-Tubes / Suspended Animation
(aka "Low Berths" from Traveller)
By Franklin W. Cain

The passenger rests inside the cryo-tube, while the attending physician (ship's doctor) activates the cryo-tube (checking against his "Paramedic" Skill).

If everything works perfectly, the passenger is placed in suspended animation until revived (usually, after arriving at the destination planet at the end of the next jump).

Occasionally, something goes wrong with the cryogenic process (usually because the ship's medic is untrained). In such a case, the passenger could very easily die.

If the physician is paying careful attention (i.e., he succeeds at a check of his "PS:Physician" or "PS:Medical Technician" Skill), then he notices the error in time (GM's call as to how far along the Side Effect has progressed), and can usually reset the cryo-tube correctly, with the passenger suffering only slight injuries (the BODY lost must be healed normally; it doesn't automatically recover).