Brandwynn and Althon
The Brothers Grim
A pair of characters for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
All original work herein is Copyright © 2000 Franklin W. Cain.
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Basic Information

The name "Brandwynn" is pronounced "BRAND-win", and the name "Althon" is pronounced "AL-thon".

Originally (in life), Brandwynn and Althon were twin brothers. In un-life, they are liches (undead sorcerors), and they are members of the Circle of Nethozhen.

Personality and Mannerisms

Appearance (i.e., Construction)

A Lego minifig for either Brandwynn or Althon can be constructed using a black Ninja torso, a black fabric cloak, a white beard, black legs, and a black Witch/Wizard hat. Replace the hands with dark-grey hands. Use a Darth Vader head for Brandwynn, and use a Mummy head for Althon.

A Darth Vader head can actually be obtained for as little as $4.00, but only if you are willing to rip apart a minifig keychain (read the entire sordid tale).

I don't know of a Mummy keychain, however. . . . Sorry.

They each usually carry a wizard's staff. The "gem" (the 1×1 cone) atop Brandwynn's staff is trans-orange, while the one atop Althon's is trans-"antifreeze".


Centuries ago, Brandwynn and Althon were twins who both learned magic and became archmagi. During their career, they were almost inseparable, surviving dozens of harrowing adventures. Then, one day, they simply disappeared without a trace.

Centuries later, the sorceror Nethozhen discovered their whereabouts, in their long-lost subterranean home, locked in a dreamless slumber of undeath as a result of their "not quite totally successful" transformation into Unlife.

Nethozhen "awakened" them, and helped them to complete their transformation, whereupon he recruited them for his own nefarious purposes.