Xondra the Red
A character for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
All original work herein is Copyright © 2000 Franklin W. Cain.
(However, please be sure to read my legal disclaimer.

Basic Information

The name "Xondra" is pronounced "ZON-drah".

Xondra is a Lich (an undead sorceress). She is also a member of the Circle of Nethozhen.

Personality and Mannerisms

Appearance (i.e., Construction)

A Lego minifig for Xondra can be constructed using a Witch minifig from a Fright Knights set, a "Skull" (i.e., a Minifig Skeleton Head), and a red "ponytail" hairpiece. Replace the black arms with white arms and hands. And finally, use one of the red fabric cloaks (it comes packaged with the Witch minifig in many of the sets).

She usually carries a wizard's staff topped with a glowing, red [1] gem. (In place of the transparent 1×1 cone, use one of the trans-red facetted "gems", usually from one of the Adventurers sets.)


[1]. Yes, I originally used a trans-antifreeze (trans-green-yellow) gem, from one of the Ninja sets, because I didn't have any spare "rubies" (i.e., trans-red gems). But, since I now have plenty of these (but not enough to trade... sorry), I've replaced Xondra's gem.


In life, Alexondra was the beloved daughter of the Prince of a far northern principality. In spite of the love and affection with which her family showered her, her heart was as cold and as pitiless as the snow-laden winds that constantly besieged the walls of her father's castle.

To pass the time, she would amuse herself with exercises in power, both magical and royal. And, when she bloomed into womanhood, her famed beauty gave her yet another form of power to wield, that of her nascent feminity.

In time, as her parents aged, her father relying more and more on her elder brother to run the principality, and as her mother became more and more wrinkled with age, she realized that, ultimately, Time itself would destroy her and her sources of power, by withering her beauty, and by replacing her indulgent father with her not-so-indulgent brother as the ruler of the land.

Only through Magic would she retain any form of power, and thus, only through Magic could she halt the relentless process of Time. And so, with a might casting, she siezed the life-forces of her family and their retainers, indeed, that of every living soul in the castle, and used these stolen energies to transform herself into Xondra the Red, an immortal sorceress with a soul as black as midnight and as cold as the frozen wastelands of the far north.

And now, a few centuries later, Xondra is a member of Nethozhen's Circle.