Liam's Trump Deck for Himself

Liam has many Trumps. He has all of the "common" Trumps, as well as any "special" Trumps that he prepared for Amadan, Giles, Jordan, Jorrel, Kyle, Neville, and Ohngenriki. Liam also has each of the following supplemental Trumps.

Also, remember that Liam has had Loki scan all of the Trumps Liam made. Thus, Loki also has all of these Trumps as well.

Liam's Trumps of People in or related to Amber

Liam has Trumps of virtually all of the prominent people in Amber.

Liam's Trumps of Places in and near Amber

Liam's Trumps of People and Places in Shadow

Liam's Trumps of Other Stuff