The Warlord of Eregnor
A Persona Template for Conquest of the Golden Circle
  1. A bid of at least 25 points in Strength
  2. A bid of at least 25 points in Endurance
  3. A bid of at least 40 points in Warfare
  4. A bid of at least 20 points for "Home Shadow"

Capital:                                 , a small city in the mountains, and near the mountain pass that connects Kashfa and Begma



Strategic Objective: The capital, and/or the mines in the mountains



Shadow-Paths: The Forest of Arden

This is the only exception to the rule stating that all Shadows are connected to one or both of the Sea Routes.


Special Rules:

If no one is playing Eregnor, then the players for Kashfa and Begma may bid to have Eregnor as an extra Shadow. Only these two players may do this.

The player with the higher bid wins Eregnor. The other player forfeits the option of having an extra Shadow, and the extra points he had bid on Eregnor are refunded to him.