Galen is a character played by Franklin W. Cain in the campaign Amber Victrix which is run by Cathy Klessig using the Amber DRPG (published by Phage Press).

Galen is a handsome, tall, slender man with an athletic build, white (platinum blond) hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a ready smile.


When he was discovered by the other characters, Galen had apparently been trapped in a locked shadow, and his memory had been altered. Judging from the Trump self-portrait found on his person, his colors are probably azure (blue) and argent (silver / white / grey). His symbol is not yet known to the characters (OOC: a gleaming white three-towered castle on a blue background).

Known / Suspected Powers:

Galen is known to have the Pattern as well as some ability with Trump Artistry, and he bears a striking resemblance to Benedict. However, Galen's parentage is not yet known by the group at large.

When first encountered by the party, Galen had a Trump deck (albeit, one that was pitifully small compared to the other members of the group). Most of the Trumps had the usual backing, a white unicorn on a green background (recognizable as Dworkin's work to those Trump artists familiar with his work). Also included in his Trump deck were two Trumps with non-standard backing: the same white unicorn in the usual pose, but on a blue background (instead of the usual green background; investigation later proved these to have been made by Galen himself).


I have not yet written any diary entries or personal stories. (Sorry. . . . )

"Mystery" Trumps:

These are the descriptions that Cathy gave me for the "mystery" Trumps:

"A tall, elegant woman"

The woman is tall, blonde, and appears both regal and gracious. She is smiling, and the smile is warm and genuine. Her gown is white silk, trimmed in sky-blue (the color of her eyes) with touches of gold. She is seated on a simple yet elegant wooden chair, on a green lawn among beds of flowers. A small dog lies at her feet.

Only two touches suggest she is anything but a private lady of leisure in her garden: the delicate crown of gold set with sapphires; and the naked, two-edged sword balanced before her, across the arms of her chair. The hilt is wrapped in green leather which would afford a secure grip, and the fingertips of her right hand play with the wrapping, as if idly tracing the lines of the leather.

"A tall, lean man"

One of the men is shown seated on a wide, padded chair with arms. The chair is made of gold, and rather ornately carved. But despite its thronelike appearance, it also looks very comfortable. His right elbow rests on the arm of the chair, and the fingers of his right hand partly cover his amused smile, but do not really hide it.

He wears a cream-colored shirt and a long, loose vest or sleeveless coat that seems to have several pockets. It's difficult to tell how many, because the brown fabric is brocaded with patterns and lines of gold, intricate enough that the eye could miss many details.

He does not appear to be armed . . . but of course, the lower half of him is not in the picture. Around and behind him, balls of light form a nimbus in many clear, bright colors which never look precisely the same on any two viewings of the card.

"Another tall, lean man"

The other man, in contrast, has no problem with letting you see that he's armed. He's wearing armor of finely-tooled leather, brown with black detailing, and a rather hefty sword at his waist. Also visible are a dagger and a small axe . . . but what he actually has in hand is a wand of black wood . . . or perhaps it is a cane or short staff? Hard to say.

The entire view is somewhat distorted, because he stands behind a fire, whose leaping flames light him brightly but with a tricky light. And so he looms, a bright-dark shape, against the darkness of some outdoor place, at night. It may be an encampment, since one of the shapes seems to suggest a tent or pavilion, and others of its kind are vaguely hinted behind it. But really, nothing except the man himself is near enough to the fire to be seen.