List of Powers for the Amber DRPG


Jewel of Judgement



Shape Shift



Keep of the Four Worlds




Being the son of Corwin, Merlin can use either the Pattern in Amber or Corwin's new Pattern. During one of his (published) adventures he became attuned to the Jewel of Judgement. He is a shape-shifter and an adept of the Logrus (remember that he can summon Primal Chaos). As a child, he learned the arts of magic, including the art of creating trumps, from his relatives in the Courts of Chaos. At the end of his published adventures, he had become attuned to one or more spikards.

Thus, Merlin's powers are as follows:

Of course, in my campaign, he might be even more powerful than this.


Vialle is able to use her sculpture as "trumps" as well as for divinations. Thus, we can assume her powers are as follows:

As with Merlin's example above, Vialle could actually be more powerful than this in my campaign. (However, she will not have any form of Pattern Imprint or Logrus Mastery as she is not of the Blood of Amber or of the Blood of Chaos.)