Wulf Ericson
Trump Image

Depicted is a smiling, black-haired, blue-eyed, devilishly handsome rogue, ebon-clad with embellishments of red and silver -- a swashbuckler who can easily be mistaken for a pirate or a highwayman.

He is somewhat taller than average, with a trim, athletic build. His mesmerizing, sapphire eyes and his dazzling, toothy grin give ample testimony to the merry devilry within his heart. His beard and moustache are neatly trimmed, and his silken, wavy hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

A white shirt collar peeks out the top of his open-necked long-sleeved doublet, the latter quilted of black velvet with red embroidery and silver studs; similar red embroidery adorns the seams of his black denim trousers. His knee-length boots, his swordsman's gloves, and his belt and baldric are all of black leather, with red insets for the gloves, and silver buckles for the rest. Over all, he wears an ankle-length, full circle, hooded cloak of sturdy black silk, with the hood down and the right-hand side tossed over his shoulder, as if to free the movement of his sword arm. At his left hip, hanging from the baldric is a sabre with silvered guard and pommel, the latter surmounted by a large ruby, and whose black leather grip is wrapped with silver wire.

Upon further reflection, it appears as if his right hand is not just resting lightly upon the ruby pommel of his sabre, but is instead ready to grab and draw his blade, and as the contact begins to solidify, is seems as if his posture is of one stepping forward to attack...