Flark's (Non-Existent) Diary      18 January 2002

The plotting in Shandorways ended in the conclusion that we should fake the deaths of Audrey-Manette and her mother, and Shador should appear to be defeated by Keliith. We agreed to depart and thence travel to Keliith's Realm which is conveniently immune to Trump, Logrus, and other forms of Seeking.

On my way out of Shandorways, Despil invited me to dine. I suggested an alliance between our houses in much the same terms as I did to Jendo, but added to my price, the exile or death of Jurt. This implied a false ignorance on my part, and hopefully would allay Despil's suspicions.

I then repaired to the Realm of Keliith by an indirect route, where I heard -- but did not witness -- the faux struggle between Shandor and Keliith.

Subsequently, I returned to the Ways of Jesby, wherein I did scrub from myself the stench of the Pattern.

Court met to receive a visitor. To much surprise, it was a bride for Despil, come hence from Rebma: Miranda, daughter of Moire. Despil was duly reseated to his house and elevate to the council of regents. However, Minobee put forth a suggestion that all Dukes be appointed the council alike. This passed, and had my support at the critical moment when some but not all had committed to it.

I saw Shandor at court and renounced our friendship publicly (as I would do if he had really attacked my heir).

On returning home, I hired an assassin to feign an attack on Shandor's life. I also mentioned these matters in their full to my Uncle. He seemed much upset that Keliith had not returned the Eye of the Serpent when he did possess it. I suspect, however, Royal politics had much to do with that. Best Jendo not learn of it.

Speaking of him, I did call upon him, there to inquire about the Mirror Realm. It is not a construct as I thought, and so cannot be seized or destroyed. (Perhaps the last should be essayed with primal chaos?) He told me that the way to enter was to either follow a native (one of these Shroudlings, I assume) or take from them their power. Skill in navigation follows thereupon with practice.