Gracian de Salamanca
aka Special Agent Alejandro (Alex) Aziz of the FBI

A character played by Todd Michaels in the campaign A Bride for Merlin.



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An infant child was left on the doorsteps of a Jesuit monastery in the Spanish town of Salamanca in the 15th Century. This child was raised by these Jesuits, who gave him the name Gracian de Salamanca.

Many centuries -- and many identities -- later, this unaging man became Alex Aziz, MD, and applied to the FBI (which, as most people know, is one of the world leaders in investigative sciences, and has access to some of the greatest research minds in the world).

After graduating from the FBI's Academy in Quantico, Virginia, Special Agent Aziz was assigned to the Laboratory Division in Washington, DC. He started working on "unsolved cases", specifically those dealing with unusual or exotic phenomena.

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