A Bride for Merlin       (Or, "Flark 3D - This Time It's Personal!")
Campaign Log
Session XXXVII, 3 August 2001

With special guest star Tom deMayo as "Flark".

OOC: "Kick the door the down!" "But the door's unlocked, sir..." "I said, kick it down!"

Flark has been left behind in Amber. Fendrith and Lorgath are off hunting with Prince Julian. Seonaid and Audrey-Manette, as little girls, have gone to the restroom and have not returned. Keliith is safely under Flark's thumb.

Keliith, at the moment, is being remarkably well behaved. Lorgath drove to Amber in a station wagon with three kids. These three children (who Flark recognizes as having a taint of Amber) were entrusted by Lorgath to the Chaosian ambassador.

Flark has met most of the royals and nobles of Amber. He is uncomfortable in this unchanging, unshifting environment, but he does not show it. Kor has been returned to Chaos, as he was getting ill. Tela remains.

The ambassador is paid a visit by Flark and Keliith. Tactfully, he opens his visit with a discussion of Lorgath's baggage. He is DENIED. It is, of course, a Crown matter.

OOC: Talk to the Hand of Oberon...

A search for Jurt might be in order. Flark considers whom could track him from this end of the Universe. Perhaps... Keliith?

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Flark decides to look for Seonaid and Audrey-Manette. He does not find them in their room, he does not find them on the moon... he does not find them on a train, he does not find them on a plane... he does not find them anywhere, Aud and Sho are just not there.

Flark wisely decides to search for them with a Logrus-backed spell, instead of with the Logrus itself.


Seonaid receives a mental contact, while in the luxury bathtub. She tries to refuse this.


Flark decides he'll call back in a few minutes, in case the contact would endanger Seonaid's life.

While re-hanging the spent spell, he consults with the Ambassador of Chaos on using the Logrus in Amber. He's told that reaching for distance, or with great power will increase the danger of using the Logrus. He adjusts his spells with the limitation in mind.

In a few minutes, he ends up contacting Seonaid again.


Seonaid answers Flark's contact in a towel. He asks a small favor of her; to watch Keliith. She says, "I hate you," and acquiesces and says she'll get him.

After the contact ends, she pulls out a trump of Keliith, and gets the local one. Closing that contact, she dresses (in local costume, something between a Jedi and a Bedouin) and uses the Keep to return to Amber.

She fetches Keliith by trump, and returns to Keliith's realm, at which time this Trump Ghost says it is no longer needed and fades away.


Audrey-Manette asks Keliith why he drew this pattern. He used it as something Brand had no connection to as a defense. He says he got the idea from Martin. She asks Keliith to work as a bodyguard of sorts for her, and relates the tale of the demon attack on her person at the Cave.

He does mention that "Suhuy couldn't possibly be in trouble."

She also covers the multiple-Shandor incident for Keliith, explaining that Suhuy had one of the more nasty Hydras.

Keliith thinks that, since she surprised this demon, that it was likely in one of its usual forms. He trumps Kalto, his father, and asks for a couple hellmaids to guard Audrey-Manette. Audrey-Manette decides to investigate the Cave of the Logrus. She trumps Seonaid.


Audrey-Manette asks Seonaid to join her. Seonaid checks her rack, having at least one escape spell and one contact spell, she decides to go.


Audrey-Manette says that Lorgath needed to talk to Keliith. Seonaid mentions that she should fetch her bodyguard, since Audrey-Manette is accompanied. Ally is in cat-man form, and it is decided he'll come along.

A timely trump contact produces contact with Seonaid's bodyguard. It seems Bekka has been trying to contact Seonaid for a month... she has not told Kalto of Seonaid's absence, and isn't sure if she will.

The party teleports to the entrance of the Cave of the Logrus.


Lorgath and Fendrith are having breakfast with Julian. Ham and cheese omelets. Julian plans to return to Amber as soon as possible, to report to the King about recent events. He's willing to travel with Fendrith and Lorgath, if they wish, so that they may report to His Grace Lord Flark.

Lorgath offers to accompany Julian to see that he arrives safely. This endears him to Julian to no end. Julian arranges to depart within the hour from the courtyard.


Fendrith checks in with Seonaid via a contact spell.


Lorgath seeks out Lord Keliith. He is DENIED. Keliith, it seems, is indisposed, and unable to see Lorgath before Lorgath's departure.


Seonaid does not receive a contact.


Fendrith is DENIED. It seems his contact spell didn't work. Knocking on Seonaid's door, he gets no answer. Resorting to the trumps he has, he concentrates on her trump.


Seonaid arrives at the Cave of the Logrus, and immediately gets another contact. So close to the source of power, she summons the Logrus to DENY the contact.


Fendrith is DENIED, again. Somewhere, Flark says, "Welcome to my hell." This was a severing of the attempt by some power, rather than a failure to connect.

He decides to take a short flight, shifting to get a bearing on where Seonaid is. He starts off in this direction, rather than accompany Julian.


Shandor is talking to his ways. He needs to analyze this 'thing' within him, this 'Despil Trojan Worm Virus'. The outer layer is Logrus, but beyond this he cannot explore without disturbing this layer in some way.

It bears Despil's signature, in the way the Logrus has been manipulated to make this. He does notice tiny tracers leading away, that quiver a little when he examines them.

He heads to his Null Chamber, finding Despil's bug does not exist while he's inside the chamber. It exists in some kind of spiritual fashion, attached to his very soul.

Taking a new train of thought from platform 9 3/4, he seeks to contact Suhuy with the Logrus. Suhuy and Dworkin answer. Shandor explains his desperate situation. Suhuy explains that the bug contains Pattern, and that walking the Logrus would get rid of it. Of course the Pattern would then destroy Shandor. Suhuy suggests asking Despil to remove it, after doing Despil a very nice favor, of course.

Shandor realizes that this is similar to what Brand inflicted Julia with. He tendrils to Corwin's realm, walking to Corwin's villa. He finds an expanded community, surrounded by other villas, residences and shops.

He is told that Corwin is not in, and neither is Corwin. Shandor asks if there's something Corwin's servant doesn't want him to know. Shandor extends a finger with an eye on the end, and is staring at Jurt's .357 magnum. He manages to withdraw before Jurt fires a shot.

Shandor dives away from the doorway as Jurt dives out, guns blazing. Shandor throws an eye-seeker, destroying one of Jurt's eyes. Another is thrown and blocked as Jurt screams, "You know how long it took to regrow that?"

Shandor shifts, attempting to be bullet-proof. As the bullets hit, Shandor starts to blaze. Apparently the bullets are pattern-based. A shoulder is hit, as is his forehead and thigh. Now burning from the inside, Shandor continues to flee.

Shandor dodges, inside of estates and down back alleys. Losing Jurt for a moment, Shandor escapes, teleporting to his home.

After patching himself up, he tendrils Flark.


Flark has finished hanging his spells when a delicate Logrus contact arrives, stretched from about as far away as possible.

Shandor fills Flark in on Jurt's location. Tela asks to come along.

Flark goes to find Seonaid, knocking on her door. Tela assembles Flark's troops.

Getting no answer, Flark opens Seonaid's door, finding it empty. There's no sign of Seonaid ever being here.

Flark asks Shandor to bring through his troops, Tela, and himself.


Shandor retrieves Despil's mirror amulet from the Null chamber, showing it off to everyone as though it were a camera before putting it on.

Flark analyzes this and the thing inside Shandor, making a note that the trap in his friend seems to have very personal blast radius.

Inside the Null chamber, they talk over brandy and snacks. When they conclude they contact the Ambassador in Amber and join him.


They return a few hours after Flark's departure, in time for dinner. The ambassador is told to keep their presence secret from the Amberites.

Shandor visits the embassy library and studies up on Amber.

Flark is actually looking for Fiona.


Lorgath has departed with Julian when Fendrith doesn't show. "We're leaving now, try to keep up," Julian declares. Julian sets off on a hellride.


Fendrith has arrived in Chaos, still seeking Seonaid. Curiously drawn to the Royal Palace of Thelbane, where the Princess naturally has quarters.

Upon arriving he tries a contact spell with Seonaid.


Audrey-Manette and Seonaid's party has arrived at the Cave of the Logrus, which is deserted. They wait a few minutes, Seonaid pointing out, "Nobody goes into that cave."

Eventually a party arrives with a new aspirant. Audrey-Manette watches as he enters the cave. His companions move aside and wait.

Getting another contact, Seonaid actually takes it this time. It's Fendrith. After a brief discussion of his concern for her well being, Seonaid brings him through.

Audrey-Manette takes a moment to trump Keliith. "We're looking for Luke, the real one."

"Oh, he's probably dead, in a way. Redrawing the Pattern of Amber killed Oberon," Keliith considers.

Audrey-Manette mentions going through, and her bodyguards tap in before she vanishes.


Audrey-Manette and Keliith discuss the patterns in existence. Also the existence of Brand's pattern ghost, and the situation forced on it by Luke. They must share that power now.

Audrey-Manette and Keliith go dancing. During the evening, she trumps her father.


Seonaid and Fendrith, left pretty much alone together at the Cave, wax nostalgic while saying their goodbyes. In Seonaid's eyes is the absence of the good old days of her and her bodyguard and the concerts and the road. Once all things unsaid have passed, Fendrith leaves for Amber by teleport.


Fendrith arrives in Shadow, apparently the distance too far for one jump with the power of the Keep. Here, the mountains are moving along a sandy desert floor. Another blip carries him to a forest, perhaps the outskirts of Arden. A pack of hellhounds stare at him, growling.

From here he hops to the Castle, arriving near Lorgath, Julian, and the entourage, who are returning their mounts to the stables.

Julian stows his crossbow as Lorgath "calls off his agents in Arden".

Fendrith apologizes for missing the journey, explaining he needed to investigate a lost contact with Seonaid and his fears for her safety. Julian commends his diligence, complimenting Fendrith's service.

Julian excuses himself to report to his King.

Lorgath asks Fendrith to join him on his visit to the Chaosian Ambassador. Fendrith politely declines, intending to track down Flark.


Lord Lorgath of House Chanicut arrives at the embassy and is introduced to Lord Regent Shandor of House Sawall.

Lorgath immediately recognizes Shandor's broach as a portal used in a recent attempt to infiltrate Thelbane. He nods knowingly when Shandor 'points it out' to him.

Lorgath discusses the disposition of the children in veiled phrasing. The matter is deferred for security reasons, lest the cryptic conversation reveal too much unintentionally.

A servant distracts the Ambassador. He seems disturbed by news that 'they' have wandered off.


Flark finds Fiona with her brother Bleys in the Library of Castle Amber. The two cease their conversation when Flark arrives.

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Bleys offers Flark a brandy. Flark discusses Lord Shandor's malady, as a scientific curiosity, hoping to pique their interest.

Bleys asks of the reason Shandor is so afflicted, and then of the identity of its creator. Flark explains that normally one should ask this of Shandor, but unfortunately, Shandor seems to be under surveillance. He goes on about the current situation regarding Shandor's regency.

In the end Fiona invites Flark to bring Shandor to her laboratory.

This is about when Fendrith enters the library, greeting the trio pleasantly.

OOC: Quick! Roll your save vs. Fiona!

OOC: Jesus saves, and takes 1/2 damage.

Flark asks after Keliith, since last he knew his heir was with Seonaid. Not having seen her, Fendrith is less than informative. When Julian's hunt is discussed, the Sphinx is mentioned.

Flark kindly shares the information about Jurt, always the team player. Flark invites Fendrith along on the mini-Jurt-hunt. A caution is issued about the Pattern bullets.

They agree to get their answers about the weapon from Jurt's brain through his ass, rather than risk the wrath of the locals.


Seonaid visits Thelbane, catching Merlin in. He's glad she's here, wanting to talk to her about the Keep of the Four Worlds. He asks that Julia be allowed to stay there.

Seonaid says yes, of course. "I think Audrey-Manette already offered regular quarters to her. But what of Jurt, wouldn't he know to look for her there?"

Merlin says, "If anything were to happen to my step-brother, I wouldn't be upset."

Seonaid wisely notes, "I didn't just hear you say that. Very well, we'll leave at once."


Seonaid visits Julia in the ways of Sawall. She mentions to the staff to tell Shandor she is here, and then heads to Julia's quarters.


Shandorways is notified of Seonaid's attendance and does wish to speak with her.


Intercepted before arriving at Julia's, Seonaid is escorted to a meeting with/in Shandorways. In the room appears to be Shandor.

They discuss her current 'mission' to take Julia to the keep. Shandorways is glad to know Merlin is okay. He invites her to his office, and informs her about Jurt. He adds that she should check-in with Flark.

Seonaid takes a moment to Logrus Flark.


Audrey-Manette is on a date with Keliith. After a few dances, he asks if she wishes to go. He lets her know she is always welcome here at his Pattern Realm, should she wish to visit.

Audrey-Manette contacts her father. He quietly whispers into the contact, asking if she is okay. It's been three weeks, and her mother is upset. She tells him Keliith is okay and reuinited with Duke Flark. She says she'll try to arrive back at the Keep the next local morning and says her goodbyes.

Audrey-Manette says her goodbyes to Keliith and returns with Ally to the Keep and to her mother's silent treatment. She tends to her responsibilities here, her studies, and the Keep. That evening, her mother does fix her favorite meal.

She creates a trump of Ally, for future convenience, and one of herself for him, which he has a wearable pouch made for.

Her trump of the Blue Crystal Cave is quite inoperable, she hangs it on the wall.


Flark gets a tendril from Seonaid. Once the barest of pleasantries are exchanged, Flark starts picking through Seonaid's mind. Some part of her knows he is doing this.

He learns most of Keliith's secrets, his secret identity, his Patternverse.

Shandorways knows Flark is doing this, and does nothing to stop it.

Flark says, "I'm very disappointed with you, Seonaid. I'm not going to do anything further to you. I still have some measure of respect for you as a relative. Still, don't you think it was slightly relevant to me that my Heir is master of another power and an adult, and that he has worked as agent for other dukes? Do you still want to know about Jurt?"


He tells Seonaid everything Shandor told him about Jurt. Fendrith and I are going after him shortly. Would you like to join us.

"Yes, after something I must do."

Flark knows she has to escort Julia to the Keep at Merlin's request.


Shandorways asks, "So, did he tell you everything?"

"No, in fact, he had me do most of the talking."

"Oh, that thing..."

She asks, "You knew about this?"

"Well, its Flark, he does that from time to time..."

"If you'll excuse me, I have an errand to complete. Flark is planning to leave from Amber shortly, on another Jurt hunt."

Shandorways explains that Shandor may be busy. And that he is not quite Shandor, and that Shandor has issues she might deduce, should she run into him.


Seonaid collects Julia Barnes-Sawall, then teleports to her parent's home. After a stilted hug, she asks to talk with him. He takes a moment to reunite Julia with Harry Barnes, then they go off to talk.

Kalto asks that Seonaid remind Merlin that Sylvia still hasn't shown up yet.


Seonaid explains the visit with Shandorways and Flark to Kalto. Kalto could not be more upset than Seonaid is. He brings Anakara into matters.

Seonaid points out that she didn't find Merlin in, and now, having had a chance to talk it through and calm down, she's not sure how big a case she wants to make out of it.

(Is that classic post-rape psychology?)


Audrey-Manette waits at the Keep for people to assemble.


Lorgath and Shandor wait at the Embassy for Flark's return. Lorgath asks Shandor where he got the mirror broach. Shandor says, "Oh, this old thing... just something laying around the house lately."

"Dangerous wear, it's on the list of proscribed items. You might not want to have it on you for long. This matches the description of portals used to teleport assassins into Chaos. Of course, the assassin would come from your chest, but..."

The two eye each other warily.


Flark leaves the Castle Amber Library, to bring news of Fiona's help to Shandor. Fendrith is with him when he receives Seonaid's tendril.

"So who was that?" Fendrith asks.

"That was Seonaid."

"Did she tell you about Keliith?"

"In a manner of speaking, there's been a great deal I've not been informed of. I'm disappointed that I've not been kept aware of matters that affect me. I'm very disappointed in you all."

"In our defense, I can only say that things have been happening very quickly. You do have a right to know much of this. I personally didn't even think of the political matters at stake."

Flark says, "It disturbs me that I had to speak so harshly to Seonaid. But she'll be joining us shortly I believe."

"Yes, let's go kill us a Jurt," Fendrith says, "We'll all feel better after that."

"Assuming she doesn't show up to serve me with a blood feud."

Fendrith raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.