Franklin's New Cards for Frag
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Flechette Rounds (Gadget)

Play at any time on any shotgun or assault shotgun. Add 2d to the damage suffered by the target, and 1d to the damage suffered by anyone adjacent to the target. However, any victim wearing armor at the time the attack is declared halves the total rolled for the damage (round up) before rolling their Health.

Example: An assault shotgun would now do 6d/7d to the target, and 3d against each person adjacent to the target.

Discard when the weapon is discarded.


Force Field (Gadget)

Play at any time. You are immune to Energy attacks.

Also adds 1 to your Health stat. However, this bonus Health may not be used against Acid or Gas. This bonus Health does not count when determining if such an attack frags you or not.

This Gadget is an armor. You can wear only one suit of armor at a time.

Discard when armor is destroyed or when you are fragged.


Jump Jets (Gadget)

You may add 1d spaces to any one jump you make once per turn.


Phase Armor (Gadget)

Play at any time. Adds 1 to your Health stat. However, it also subtracts 1 from your Speed stat (to a min. Speed of 1). You can wear only one suit of armor at a time.

You may move through walls and other obstacles. However, you can not pick up anything (i.e., Weapons, Gadgets, Blood Spots, or a Team Flag). Furthermore, you are unaffected by (and cannot use) any Weapon that is not Energy, Flame, or a Nuke. You are also immune to Gas.

Discard when armor is destroyed or when you are fragged.


Stealth Field (Gadget)

Play at any time. Until the end of your next turn, you are almost completely invisible, and a much more difficult target as a result. Anyone attacking you while you are protected by a Stealth Field must roll at least triple (!!) the usual target number in order to hit you.

Discard at the end of your next turn.


Hand Grenades (Weapon)

When using this Weapon, choose a target location. If you fail your Accuracy roll, this Weapon goes off where you are standing (instead of the target location).

This Weapon does 3d damage to everyone within two spaces.

Ammo Track: 
 4   3   2   1 


Heavy Machine Gun (Weapon)

You may fire up to 3 shots per attack. Each shot uses an ammo charge, and requires a separate attack roll and damage resolution.

Shots may be against the same target or different targets (attacker's choice). The attacker must declare all targets before firing. Furthermore, if firing against multiple targets, each target must be adjacent to at least one other target of this attack. (If two opponents are two spaces apart from each other, and if they and the space between them are all in your line of sight, you may declare the space between them to be a third target, allowing you to use this weapon against the two of them...)

Ammo Track: 
 6   5   4   3   2   1 


Pulse Cannon (Weapon)

You may choose (declare before firing) to burn through ammo by using more than one charge in a single shot. For every ammo charge spent over the standard 1, add 2d to the damage.

The backblast from this weapon causes the shooter to suffer half the damage rolled (round up) himself. If the shooter is fragged as a result, no one scores a frag for the shooter's death.

Ammo Track: 
 3   2   1 

6D Energy

Sniper Rifle (Weapon)

This weapon requires that the shooter be braced. Therefore, he may not move at all during any turn in which he fires this weapon; if he has already moved, he may not then choose to fire the Sniper Rifle this turn.

The shooter rolls double the usual number of Accuracy dice when firing this weapon. (However, this is not an increase to Accuracy; there is no increase to the number of attacks allowed per turn.)

Ammo Track: 
 3   2   1 


Suicide Nuke (Weapon)

This weapon has a range of zero (i.e., the effect is centered on the shooter). Everyone within two spaces of the shooter is subject to the 8d attack. Anyone affected by the attack suffers a minimum of two Wounds.

The shooter scores a frag for each victim fragged, other than himself. However, if the shooter is himself fragged, each of the victims he fragged in this attack also scores a frag for the shooter's death!

Ammo Track: 


Game Hack: New Door (Special)

Play at any time. Choose a one-space length of wall on the map. For the remainder of the current game, there is now a door in that wall section. You choose the door's type (one-way in, one-way out, or two-way) and color (red, green, or blue).

Discard after use.

Game Hack: New Teleporter (Special)

Play at any time. Choose an empty, unoccupied square on the map. For the remainder of the current game, there is now a teleporter in that square.

Discard after use.

Game Hack: New Wall (Special)

Play at any time. Choose a one-space length of gridline on the map. For the remainder of the current game, there is now a one-space length wall at that gridline.

Discard after use.

Omni Key Card (Special)

Play during any player's movement. He may pass the wrong direction through any one-way door of ANY COLOR.

Discard after use.

Overwatch (Special)

Play at the beginning of your turn; your turn is now over.

During any other player's turn, if someone enters your line of sight (LOS), you may attempt to interrupt the active player and shoot your target of opportunity. Roll a contest of your highest Attribute vs. his highest Attribute. The high roller may resolve his attack first. If the low roller isn't fragged as a result, he then gets to resolve his own attack.

This Special permits only one such attack. If you have not attacked by the beginning of your next turn, you may pass again (i.e., take no actions of any kind), and use this card again (until you finally make an attack).

Discard after use.

SysAdmin Was Watching (Special)

Violating the Terms of Service Agreement (ToSA) for the online gaming arena isn't necessarily a problem (everyone does it now and again). Being caught while violating the ToSA, on the other hand . . .

Play at any time to cancel any one Game Hack as it is being played. The System Administrator decides to continue watching the game for a few minutes; no one may play any further Game Hacks until the end of your next turn.

Discard at the end of your next turn.