HERO System (5th ed.)
Franklin's House Rules for Telekinesis (Power)
All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved.

Telekinesis now has a second Characteristic, Dexterity (DEX). This new CHAR has the same cost structure as the STR for the Telekinesis (+2 DEX for +3 pts.), and STR can be lowered to raise DEX on a point-for-point basis, to a minimum of -30 STR.

This DEX is used exclusively for the purpose of "fine manipulation" (it is not used for Combat Values, nor for determining who goes first in combat, etc.). This new CHAR replaces and supercedes the published book rules on "fine manipulation" for TK. The TK's DEX must be at least 10 in order to have "fine manipulation." Use the DEX roll for the TK's DEX as the "control roll."

An Adjustment Power targeting Telekinesis will affect only the STR (and not the DEX) of the Telekinesis, unless that Adjustment Power was bought with the "Can Apply/Remove Adders" Advantage.

New Option: Mental TK

Since telekinetic ability is one of the traditional psychic powers, it makes sense to have an easy means of converting TK to a Mental Power. Using this option, Telekinesis costs twice as much; i.e., Mental TK costs 3 points for each +1 CHAR (either STR or DEX).

However, the target still defends using DCV (and not ECV Def. MCV).


Psychic Grasp:
Mental Telekinesis (10 STR, no fine manipulation), (base cost is 30 pts.), ½ END (+¼), (active cost is 37 pts.), Concentrate: ½ DCV throughout (-½), (final cost is 25 pts.)

Arcane Valet:
Telekinesis (0 STR, 10 DEX), (base cost is 15 pts.), AE: one hex (+½), (active cost is 22 pts.), Gestures (-¼), Incantations (-¼), RSR: Wizardry (-½), (final cost is 11 pts.)

Psionic Fingers:
Mental Telekinesis (-20 STR, 23 DEX), (base cost is 9 pts.), (no Advantages), (active cost is 9 pts.), RSR: Psionics (-½), (final cost is 6 pts.)

All original work herein is copyright © by Franklin W. Cain. All rights reserved.