Mounted Combat & Archery
A New Martial Art for Fantasy Hero
by Franklin W. Cain

I was converting a character of mine from Some Other Game System (published by a Certain Evil Game Company Which Shall Remain Nameless) when I decided that I needed a martial art devoted to horse cavalry to properly reflect this character's combat abilities. Using the rules in Ultimate Martial Artist (hereafter "UMA"), I started designing maneuvers for this new martial art.

This martial art emphasizes mostly speed and striking power, plus accuracy (to a small degree), at the expense of defense.

Mounted Combat


This martial art is known to a race of horse-riding nomads that live on the steppes. These nomads raise and sell some of the most intelligent and capable (yet ugliest) horses in the world, especially to mercenaries. Some of these mercenaries have learned the nomads' style of fighting, and have taught this art to others.

Maneuver   Phs.   Pts.   OCV   DCV   Damage/Effect
Charge½5 -2 -2 Weapon +4d6 +v/5 (+2 +v/5 DC K);
Weapon Takes Half Damage; FMove
Dodge½5 ±0+4 Dodge All Attacks, Abort; FMove
Parry½5 +2±0 Block, Abort; FMove
Ride By½5 +2±0 Weapon (×½ STR) +v/5; FMove
Shoulder Aside½ 5 -1 -2 Horse's STR +v/5 Strike;
Horse's STR +15 to Shove; FMove
Stay in the Saddle½ 5 ±0-2 +15 STR vs. "Target Falls" (treat as +3 to Riding skill); Block, Abort; FMove
Unhorse½5 +2-2 Weapon +v/5; Target Falls; FMove

Riding *
KS: Mounted Tactics
WF: Common Melee Weapons *
WF: Lance *

Elements (Required)
+0     Use Art While Mounted (default; cannot use Art while dismounted)
+4 Use Art with Sword/Knife, Axe/Mace/Pick, Club (Impromptu Weapon), Weapon & Shield, and Lance

Mounted Archery (a ranged martial art; requires "Mounted Combat")


These nomads are reknowned for their skill with horseback archery. Nomad warriors who have learned the basic martial art may expand this art to include the following ranged maneuvers (but must also buy the requisite Skills and Elements). This portion of this art has not been taught to outsiders, as the nomads have a tradition of allowing young warriors to hire themselves out as mounted archers to trusted mercenary companies.

Maneuver   Phs.   Pts.   OCV   DCV   Range   Damage/Effect
Long Shot½5 ±0-2 +4Weapon; FMove
Snap Shot½5 +2-2 ±0Weapon; FMove
Spear Cast½4 ±0-2 ±0Weapon +2d6 +v/5 (+1 +v/5 DC K); FMove

KS: Mounted Tactics *
WF: Bows *

Elements (Required)
+1     Use Art with Bows (required for Long Shot and Snap Shot)
+1 Use Art with Polearm (i.e., "Spear/Javelin"; required for Spear Cast)