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(SJG's Illuminati: New World Order)
The Eternalizer Bunny
Type: Resource (Gadget)
Illo: A powder blue version of a certain pastel pink rabbit that "drums up" support for a certain brand of battery.
Text: "It goes on, and on, and on, and on..."
The Eternalizer Bunny can save its actions. It gets an Action Token during each player's turn, even if some are already on it. At any time, it may spend one or more Action Tokens to give an Action Token to a group or another Resource, as follows:

Spend 1 -- Give 1 to any one non-Illuminati group of a rival
Spend 2 -- Give 1 to any one non-Illuminati group of yours
Spend 2 -- Give 1 to any one Resource
Spend 3 -- Give 1 to any one Illuminati

Although only one Eternalizer Bunny can exist at a time, it is not Unique. Any other player can play a new Eternalizer Bunny, and the old one is revealed to be a cheap substitute; discard it.
Requirements: Gadget, ACTION*
Mad Bomber
Type: Group (Personality)
Illo: Some guy standing in front of a TV store is watching Terrorist Nuke, Lab Explosion, Car Bomb, and other appropriate card illos on different TVs. The guy is facing away from us, but we can see his eyes and his grin in his shadowy reflection in the window. A digital clock reads "5:23."
Text: By spending his action, Mad Bomber can make an Instant Attack to Destroy against a Personality, Organization, or non-Huge Place. (Personalities treat this as an Assassination; Places can be Devastated, but not Destroyed.) The first time he uses this ability, its Power is 12; each time thereafter, it decreases by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
Mad Bomber's Criminal alignment is treated as an opposing alignment by all other Criminal groups (and vice versa).
Power: 0*
Resistance: 6
Alignments: Criminal*, Violent, Fanatic
Attributes: Secret
Type: Group
Illo: Multiple variations of the two main characters from the "Revenge of the Nerds" movies.
Text: "Look what I found! A control panel for an orbital mind control laser!"
"Cool!! Now, we can get dates!!"

Spend the Nerds' action to try capturing a rival's Gadget Resource. Treat this as a Power 6 Attack to Control against a Resistance 0 Science (plus Computer and/or Space, if appropriate) group. If successful, permanently link the captured Resource to the Nerds. These Resources are lost or captured if the Nerds are!
Anyone controlling the L-4 Society, SF Fans, or Trekkies gets a cumulative +2 bonus on any Attack to Control the Nerds.
Power: 0
Resistance: 3
Alignments: Weird
Attributes: Computer, Science, Space
Type: Plot
Illo: Mrs. Goldfish Fancier is sitting at a PC workstation reading a computer manual (with a pyramid on the spine). The goldfish is inside the video screen.
Text: Panels '95, uhm, '96, with new Multi-Crashing System!! ("General Protection Fault" screen saver, extra.)
Play this card at any time. It requires action(s) by Computer groups with a total Power equal to the Resistance of the target group. If it is controlled by a rival, add bonuses for its closeness to the Illuminati. Alternatively, one Illuminati action will do the job. The target group, which must be Media, Science, or Space, acquires the Computer attribute. Keep this card, with a link to the target.
Requirements: Requires Action
The Shadow
Type: Group (Personality)
Illo: The Shadow is in an alley, half in the shadows, with his trademark red-gemstone signet ring visible. One of the shadows is curiously pyramid-shaped.
Text: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows..."
The Shadow has a Power of 12 when participating in an Attack to Destroy a Criminal group. During your turn, if any Criminal groups exist, the Shadow must participate in an Attack to Destroy against a Criminal group.
Using his power to cloud men's minds, the Shadow can turn all exposed Plot cards of any one player face-down again, as a free action during your turn.
The Shadow can control Personalities only; he cannot control Places or Organizations.
Power: 4*
Resistance: 8
Alignments: Violent, Fanatic
Attributes: Secret, Magic
Shoe Sale
Type: Plot
Illo: A shoe salesman (Al Bundy from Fox's Married, With Children?) is being trampled by various women from other INWO cards, such as Goldfish Fanciers, Miracle Diet Plan, Nobel Peace Prize, Save the Whales, Congressional Wives, etc. The women are grabbing whatever shoes they can. Some are even fighting each other for the same pair/box of shoes!
Text: "Attention, shoppers! All designer shoes in aisle 23 are 50% off. That's 50% off for all design-- AAAIIIGGGHHH!!!"
This card gives a +5 on an Attack to Destroy any female Personality, or a +10 on an Attack to Control any female Personality. Double this bonus if the target is Imelda Marcos! The attack must come from a Corporate group. The attack becomes Privileged except for Corporate groups -- any Corporate group can interfere on either side!
Requirements: None
Swan Dive
Type: Plot (Assassination)
Illo: Birds-eye view of a victim being tossed out of a skyscraper window.
Text: It's not the fall, it's the sudden stop at the end...
Assassination! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Personality, at any time. Its Power is 10. A single other Personality may use its action for this attack, and add its own Power.
Requirements: Assassination!