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Last Updated: 24 December 2000

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I don't really ever expect to have a chance at any of these  .  .  .  but just for the sake of thoroughness, I'll mention these.

"Aaarrrrrr!!!" -- Franklin as a Lego Pirate Minifig


I'd be more than happy to get one of the really good Lego Pirate sets (primarily the older Brown-Hull Ships and the older Soldier/Imperial sets).

Here's just a small sampling:


I'd also be ecstatic to get one of the really good Lego Castle sets, primarily the older, actually-is-a-castle sets, but also some of the smaller sets as well.

Here's a sampling:

Model Team

I'm looking for several of the old Model Team sets:

You may be thinking:

"Trans-Cyan? Trans-CYAN?!?. . . . There aren't any Lego cones/pegs/(etc.) in Trans-Cyan. What's Franklin's problem?. . . . "

You're quite probably correct. The Lego Co. hasn't made any of these bricks/plates in Trans-Cyan. . . . At least, not YET. . . . I'm just indulging in a bit of wishful thinking.   ;-)