Pirates of Catan

A scenario by Franklin W. Cain for use with "Settlers of Catan"

The Story

There is piracy on the high seas! Dastardly buccaneers are plundering the coastal towns of Catan!

The Set-Up

In this scenario, the Desert tile represents Pirate Island, and the black pawn (the Robber) represents the Dread Pirate Blackbeard. On the map, the Resource-specific Harbor tiles are represented by "$$" and the generic (3-to-1) Harbor tiles are represented by "3-1". (Suggestion: To help remind the players that any settlement or city along the edge of a Harbor tile gets that harbor's trading benefit, it may be helpful to orient the Harbor tiles so that their lines are pointing away from land...)

New Components

You will need all of the components of the basic game. In addition, you will also need one pawn per player, of that player's color, to represent his loyal Privateer.

Special Rules

Collectively, all of the pawns (Blackbeard and the Privateers) are referred to as "Pirates" in this scenario, and all share the same general rules. Any rules specific to just one type of pawn will specify if it applies just to Privateers or just to Blackbeard. All of the Pirates start play on Pirate Island.

Any Settlement or City along the edge of a Harbor tile gets the benefit of that harbor type, regardless of where the harbor tile's lines actually connect.

Whenever a 7 is rolled, or whenever a Soldier card is played, that player has activated a Pirate. If there are any Pirates on Pirate Island, he must select one of those; otherwise, he may pick any other Pirate. He then moves the Pirate selected to any unoccupied Harbor tile. (Exception: You may place Blackbeard on any Harbor tile, regardless of whether or not a Privateer is already on it.) He may then steal one card from any one player having a settlement or city on that harbor tile.

While a Pirate is on a Harbor tile, no one gets the trading benefit of that Harbor! (Exception: A Privateer does not prevent his owning player from benefitting from that harbor tile; however, if Blackbeard is also on that Harbor tile, then your Privateer does not help you.)

Pirates may not be moved back to Pirate Island once they've been moved from Pirate Island and placed on a Harbor tile.

Game End

As usual, the first player to achieve ten points during their turn wins the game.