New Combat Maneuvers

Disarm: This is a Formidable test of Armed Martial Arts; if the target character is using a two-handed weapon, the Disarm attempt becomes Impossible.

Feint: This is a Difficult test of both Acting and Armed Martial Arts.

Shield Block: This is a Average test of Armed Martial Arts (Other); i.e., using the default skill level. The character must be using a medium-sized shield (about a meter wide). Unlike other maneuvers in melee combat, this one is a free maneuver (i.e., it doesn’t count against the character’s limits on actions based on Initiative).

Unarmed Block and Unarmed Disarm: A truly desperate martial artist could attempt to block or disarm an armed opponent with his bare hands, but such a crazy stunt is an Impossible test of skill with very grave dangers.