Droyne Character Generation in TNE
©1998 Franklin W. Cain


Chirper Worker Warrior Drone Technician Sport Leader
STR 1D6÷2 +(3D6÷2) +(1D6+2) ±0 ±0 +(1D6) ±0
AGL 1D6+2 +(1D6) +(1D6+1) +(1D6÷2) +(1D6) +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2)
CON 1D6+1 +(1D6) +(1D6) +(1D6÷2) ±0 +(1D6÷2) ±0
INT 1D6÷2 ±0 +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2) +(3D6÷2) +(1D6) +(3D6÷2)
EDU 1D6÷2 ±0 +(1D6÷2) +(1D6) +(3D6÷2) +(1D6) +(1D6)
CHR 1D6+1 +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2) +(3D6÷2)
PSI 1D6+1 ±0 ±0 +(1D6) ±0 +(1D6÷2) +(1D6÷2)
CST 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

The six primary attributes for a Droyne or Chirper character are the usual ones: Strength (STR), Agility (AGL), Constitution (CON), Intelligence (INT), Education (EDU), and Charisma (CHR). All Droyne and Chirpers have psionics. Thus, all Droyne and Chirpers have a Psionics (PSI) attribute. Finally, instead of the pseudo-attribute Social Standing, Droyne and Chirpers have the pseudo-attribute Caste (see below).

As all Droyne start out as Chirpers, roll the Droyne's initial attributes as for a Chirper, and then add the modifiers listed for the Droyne's caste.

As a result of career gains, an attribute can be raised, at most, two points above the original value, but in no case above the racial maximum of 15 (F).


Instead of Social Standing (SOC), Droyne and Chirper characters have the pseudo-attributeCaste (CST). This attribute specifies the caste to which the character belongs, and thus can never be changed once it has been determined. Chirpers have a Caste of 0, Workers have a Caste of 1, Warriors have a Caste of 2, Drones have a Caste of 3, Technicians have a Caste of 4, Sports have a Caste of 5, and Leaders have a Caste of 6. If needed, the sum of the character's rank number plus the character's Caste can be used as an estimate of the character's Social Standing (SOC).


If randomly determining the nature of the Droyne or Chirper's homeworld, apply a DM -2 to Size and a DM +2 to Atmosphere.

(Note to self: Verify these.)

Default Skills

All Chirper and Droyne characters have Homing 0 and Invisibility 0. Warriors and Sports also get Flying 0. All of these are in addition to whatever other default skills appropriate to the Droyne's homeworld.

Background Skills

A Chirper can have whatever four appropriate Background Skills the player wants, subject, as usual, to GM approval. Droyne have specific Background Skills based on caste.

Unusal Skills

Droyne and Chirpers almost never have the skills Bribery, Forgery, Gambling, and Streetwise.

New/Modified Skills

Flying (CON) - Acrobat, Personal Transport: This skill lets the Droyne or Chirper make use of mechanical wings. This skill is from Alien Module 5: Droyne [AM5:Dr].

Homing (PSI) - Clairsentience/Teleperception: This psionic Talent lets the Droyne or Chirper find its way back to its community. This Talent is from AM5:Dr.

Invisibility (PSI) - Telepathy/Telereception: This psionic Talent allows the Droyne or Chirper to cloud the minds of men (evil chuckle not included). This Talent is from AM5:Dr.

Liaison: This skill is used by Droyne as normal. It's also used to cross caste barriers, instead of using the "new" skill Appeal from AM5:Dr.

Career Generation and Resolution

Droyne and Chirpers begin career generation at age 12 (not 17), using the standard four-year terms. The number of skills they receive per term is the usual for the term number. The following tables are for all terms.


Chirpers get just the basic amount for the homeworld Tech Level for each term of service (i.e., as though they had a SOC of 1).

For Droyne, add together the character's rank number and the number of terms served. Multiply this number by the character's CST, and then multiply this number by the basic amount for the homeworld Tech Level.

For example, a Sport of rank R2 from a High Stellar world, after three terms of service, would have Cr125,000 (2 + 3 = 5; 5 × 5 = 25; 25 × Cr5,000 = Cr125,000).

This money is not available as cash. Instead, the Droyne or Chirper can have equipment whose total value does not exceed this monetary amount.


The weight (actually, the mass) of a Chirper or a Droyne is 40 + 3 × (STR-AGL) kilograms. Thus, a Droyne with STR 6 and AGL 9 has a mass of 26 kilograms.


Begin checking for losses of STR, AGL, and CON starting at age 20 (after only 2 terms), and for losses of INT at age 52 (after 10 terms). Sports and Leaders receive a DM +3.