Vargr Character Generation in TNE
©1998 Franklin W. Cain

Strength STR 2D6-2 (min. 1)
Agility AGL 2D6
Constitution CON 2D6-2 (min. 1)
Intelligence INT 2D6-1
Education EDU 2D6-1
Personality PRS 2D6-1
Psionic Ability PSI As usual (2D6-1D20 in my campaign)
Vargr Charisma/Dominance VCD 1D6

The six primary attributes for Vargr characters are Strength (STR), Agility (AGL), Constitution (CON), Intelligence (INT), Education (EDU), and Personality (PRS).

The sixth attribute is called Personality to distinguish it from the new pseudo-attribute Vargr Charisma/Dominance (see below). Personality is used in place of the usual attribute Charisma (CHR) in all ways. All Charisma-based skills are instead based on Personality for Vargr.

Vargr Charisma/Dominance

The pseudo-attribute Vargr Charisma/Dominance replaces Social Standing (SOC) for Vargr characters in all ways. All references to SOC instead refer to VCD for Vargr characters. Vargr Charisma/Dominance is very fluid; it can change (either increase or decrease) quite frequently.

Vargr Charisma/Dominance can change as a result of career resolution. Whenever rolling for a Commission in a career, succeeding the Commission roll by 2+ points results in a +1 to VCD, while failing that same Commission roll by 2+ points costs the Vargr character a -1 to VCD. Whenever rolling for a Promotion in a career, succeeding by 2 or 3 points gives a +1 to VCD, while succeeding by 4+ points gives a +2 to VCD; failing the Promotion roll by 2 or 3 points costs the Vargr character a -1 to VCD, while failing the Promotion roll by 4+ points costs the Vargr a -2 to VCD. Finally, whenever rolling for a Special Adventure in a career, succeeding gives the Vargr character +1 to VCD.

Vargr Charisma/Dominance can also change as a result of adventuring. At the end of an adventure, when awarding experience points (XP), the player rolls a Difficult test of the Vargr character's Leadership asset opposed by the Vargr character's current Vargr Charisma/Dominance score. An Outstanding Success gives +1 to VCD. A (regular) Success or Failure does not change VCD. A Catastrophic Failure gives -1 to VCD.

In summary:


Vargr characters do not suffer the usual DM -2 when changing careers. Instead, apply the total number of points of VCD gained or lost within the term of service just finished as a bonus or penalty to the Reenlistment roll (a net gain is a bonus; a net loss is a penalty).


Remember that a Vargr has a better sense of smell and hearing than a human does. However, a Vargr's sensitivity to color is not as acute as that of a human's (but the Vargr is not color-blind).

Unarmed Martial Arts
Vargr characters have an additional cascade within this skill: Infighting. The Infighting cascade covers the use of a Vargr's claws and teeth. This cascade is usually the default cascade of Unarmed Martial Arts for Vargr characters;

Default Skills

All Vargr characters have the default skills Leadership 0, Observation 0, and Unarmed Martial Arts (Infighting) 0. These are in addition to whatever other default skills the character would be entitled to (due to the character's homeworld).


Vargr characters may choose any career listed in TNE, plus any of the new careers listed below. Any career from TNE that appears below must be used as modified herein.

Aristocrat (aka, Wealthy Traveller)

Leader (aka, Manager)

Loner (New; Civilian)