Dellin Farrover
Artwork © 1993 by Phil Foglio.
All rights reserved.
Dellin Farrover

General Appearance

Dellin Farrover is a gnome. He has bright green eyes and white hair. He has a meticulously-trimmed moustache and beard. He favors wearing a saffron-yellow shirt and a bright green vest (less often, a bright green shirt and a rusty-brown vest), rusty-brown, dark green, or dark brown pants, black boots, and an ankle-length, green cloak with a deep hood.

Family and Friends

Dellin has adventured with Mikael Rubinov, Erik Bjornson, and Richard Drakesbane for many years. Dellin is also friends with several of Mikael's relatives: Natalia Rubinov, "Kat" (Kathryn) and Alex Windholme, and Boris "the Thunderer" Grimwarden.

Vital Stats

Sex: Male
Species: Gnome
Height: 3' 7"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Physical Age: 82 (30s in human terms)
Skin: Fair complexion
Hair: White, moustache and beard
Eyes: Bright green

Game Stats

16th-level Illusionist-Thief

Strength   (STR)    13
Dexterity   (DEX)    18
Constitution   (CON)    17
Intelligence   (INT)    19
Wisdom   (WIS)    12
Charisma   (CHA)    14
Comeliness   (CML)    12

Miscellaneous Information

Dellin has many unique spells that he has researched throughout his career. Dellin is very knowledgeable about wizardry in general, but he is especially knowledgeable about illusionary and phantasmal magics. (However, as is usual with illusionists, he is far less knowledgeable about necromantic, abjuration, invocational, and evocational magics.) He is also very knowledgeable about both calligraphy and alchemy.

Dellin is very perceptive and observant, and he has an excellent sense of direction. He is difficult to surprise, and he has trained himself to be able to fight in the dark.

Dellin is somewhat streetwise, able to get information from various "unofficial" sources. Dellin is fluent with all common goblinoid languages, as well as various "magical" languages. He can also speak with most burrowing mammals.

Dellin is a gifted teacher, and he has instructed the occasional pupil. He is a proficient storyteller. Unusual for his race, he knows how to swim.