Mikael Rubinov
Artwork © 1993 by Phil Foglio.
All rights reserved.
Mikael Rubinov

General Appearance

Mikael Sergeievitch Rubinov is a large, jovial, baby-faced man. He has bright blue eyes, and fiery red, curly hair (the top of his head is bald). He has a bushy, red beard, but he does not have a moustache. He favors wearing blue or green robes.

Family and Friends

Mikael is the son of Sergei Rubinov and Rebecca Patrickson. He is the brother of Natalia Rubinov.

Mikael is related to the Windholme family. He is a cousin of "Kat" (Kathryn) and Alex Windholme. He is an indirect cousin of Boris "the Thunderer" Grimwarden.

Mikael has adventured with Dellin Farrover, Erik Bjornson, and Richard Drakesbane for many years.

Vital Stats

Sex: Male
Species: Human (Caucasian - Slavic)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Physical Age: 39
Skin: Fair complexion (Caucasian)
Hair: Fiery red, curly, bald on top, beard, no moustache
Eyes: Bright blue

Game Stats

29th-level Mage

Strength   (STR)    7
Dexterity   (DEX)    16
Constitution   (CON)    16
Intelligence   (INT)    20
Wisdom   (WIS)    12
Charisma   (CHA)    14
Comeliness   (CML)    8

Miscellaneous Information

Mikael has many unique spells that he has researched throughout his career. He has invented a new kind of magical item: a large magical spellbook, called Mikael's encyclopædia, which can hold an unlimited number of spells. Other magical items that he has created include: a customized wand that fires missiles of the magi; a customized robe of wizardry; a very powerful ring of versatility; various other magical wands and staves; and numerous potions and scrolls.

Mikael is very knowledgeable about wizardry in general, with an emphasis on both alchemy and calligraphy. He is also very gifted with mathematics and engineering. He has studied the stars, and he is proficient at navigation (due, in part, to his excellent sense of direction).

Mikael is an accomplished chef, proficient with both elven and dwarven cuisines, as well as many other exotic cuisines. He is fluent with all common dialects of Elven and Dwarven, as well as various "magical" languages.

Mikael is a gifted teacher, and has instructed numerous pupils. He is also an accomplished storyteller. He is a proficient equestrian. He also knows how to swim.