GM Notes for "Where's Coral?"

Merlin is solidifying his hold on the Throne of the Courts of Chaos (which is why he won't be searching for Coral himself... besides, he did this once already, and he's still paying for that one...)

Ghostwheel is providing covert assistance to Merlin, by monitoring all Trump communications involving "suspect" nobles in Chaos. (And, yes, this does include Mandor and Dara!) Thus, Ghostwheel will be unable to assist the PCs for the most part.

Frakir has returned (has been returned? [CtaC] ) to Merlin.

Corwin and Luke are still recovering from the wounds they inflicted on each other. [HoM] (That's why Luke isn't searching for Coral himself.)

Random and Vialle are in Amber, supervising the continued repairs to the palace. (Random may also be concerned about possible tensions between Kashfa and Begma. If so, he'll have Benedict handle it.)

Benedict is in Amber, standing by to handle any flare-ups between Kashfa and Begma.

Julian is still patrolling Arden, and Gerard still commands the navies of Amber. They have both been alerted to the disappearance of Coral and to the possibility of hostile actions (between Begma and Kashfa) that may result from this disappearance.

Flora was in Amber, and she may still be there. (By the way, . . . Just who was the "Peeping Tom" who invaded Florimel's chambers via her mirror in "Coming to a Cord"? [CtaC] Who ever this was, it is relatively certain this is the mysterious rival about whom Rhanda warns Merlin in "The Shroudling and the Guisel". [SaG] )

(Fiona? . . . Bleys? . . . )

Llewella is probably in Rebma.

Nayda is trying to keep the peace between Begma and Kashfa. She is providing Luke as much covert assistance in running Kashfa (Luke's still injured, remember?) as he needs.

Dalt is probably standing by, to provide Luke with active military support, as needed.

Orkuz wants his daughter returned safely. Now. (And/Or there will be Hell to pay. . . . )

Despil has just ascended to the Ducal Seat of House Sawall. He's (probably) busy solidifying his hold on the territories and holdings -- let alone the nobles and retainers -- of House Sawall.

Jurt is probably sulking, somewhere off in Shadow. (He wanted to be, at the very least, Duke, if not King.)

Mandor and Dara are probably assisting (or at least trying to offer their assistance to) both Merlin and Despil, familiarizing them with the more subtle aspects of their new positions. No doubt that Mandor and Dara are competing against each other almost as much as they are cooperating together.

Gilva is on "active duty", along with the rest of the Hell-Maid Legion, to provide active military support, as needed, for the new King.

Jasra is probably still in charge of the Keep of the Four Worlds. (And even though Sharu Garrul is longer a cloak-rack, his new situation is hardly an improvement...)

Julia... well, she was involved with Jurt, so if he's not around, and she's also missing, then they just might be conspiring together about something...