"Where's Coral?"
This scenario was written by Franklin W. Cain for the Amber Diceless Role-Playing Game (published by Phage Press).


Coral, the wife of Rinaldo (Luke), and the Queen of Kashfa, has disappeared.

Because she bears the Jewel of Judgement as one of her eyes, Random, the King of Amber, and Merlin, the recently crowned King of Chaos, both consider her disappearance to be a problem. And since all of you are loyal scions of Amber and/or Chaos, the Kings' problems are your problems.

Your mission (which you will accept) is simple:



This scenario takes place only a few weeks after the events depicted in "Prince of Chaos" (not quite a week after "Hall of Mirrors").

Rules Summary:

  1. Build your character using 200 points.
    1. Your character may have a maximum of ±10 points of "Stuff".
  2. Your character must have either Logrus or Pattern.
    1. Your character may have both Pattern and Logrus.
    2. However, only one of the two can be Advanced.
  3. (The following additional [non-standard] Powers are available.)
    1. Advanced Sorcery   [25 pts.]
    2. Advanced Conjuration   [35 pts.]
  4. (Franklin's standard discounts are allowed.)

Here are some example PCs.

I have some notes for the GM.
(Don't get that excited, though. These are "de-classified" GM notes.)