Jager's Game: Quiz #2
Wulf's answers are in RED. Franklin's answers are in BLUE.

If you had to eat one crayon out of a box of 64 (with built in sharpener of course), what color would it be?
(You know, in your heart of hearts, all our plans for you will come down to this one answer, so choose wisely.)
Obviously, I'd eat the correct color...

When you eat, do you prefer a knife and fork? An eating dagger? Chopsticks? Arcane, Skesis-esque prongs and tongs? Your fingers?
[BITE!] [REND!!!] [chew] [chew] [chew] [GULP!!!]
Sorry 'bout that... What was the question?...
How are your table manners?
Appropriate for the setting (and for my current form...).
When forced by protocol into a knife and fork, do you use them European-style or American-style?
There's a difference?...

If you had/have a pet, what have you done, or anticipate doing, when it gets old and decrepit?
I don't have a pet...

What might provoke you to slay a shadow dweller? A resident of the City of Amber? A Chaosite? A relative?
That depends...
Have you ever done so?
What was the story behind it?
Which one?

Describe your trump (and therefore, yourself) and your personal symbol and colors.
My Trump image is described elsewhere. My personal symbol is a wolf's head, and my preferred colors are black and red.
What does the symbol mean?
If you have to ask, then you don't need to know...

What was the worst day of your life? (This is Amber, did you think I'd ask what the best day was?)
I have two such days: the day I heard of my mother's death, and the day I heard of my father's death.

Which category do you fall into: "run with scissors" or "plays well with others"?
I don't understand the question...

What is your most prized possession? Tell us the story of how you came to have it.
My father's sabre.

It's three AM; you're awake... Why? What are you doing?
Having a late-night snack, I would presume...
Assume that you are awake because you have something on your mind.
Who would you be most likely to wake up to talk about it to in regards to:
  • A romantic matter?
    Uncle Lupino.
  • A matter of honor?
    Uncle Julian.
  • A matter of politics?
    Either Uncle Lupino or Uncle Julian.
  • A matter of life and death?
    Either Uncle Lupino or Uncle Julian.

Amber is the center of all things, the only real realm, the only place of substance in a universe of Shadow.
True or false?
Ask Dworkin; it's his job to know these answers...

If you had three wishes, what would they be?
(And no, you can't wish that you had more than three wishes.)
  1. My parents, restored to life, with their full health and prowess, and with their minds, memories, personalities, (etc.), intact.
  2. My father restored to his rightful place, on the throne of Amber.
  3. My father's enemies, dead. All of them. Dead.

Which of your relatives, dead or missing, would you most like to speak to.
What would you talk about?
My parents. Either one. (And, no, I haven't the slightest idea what I'd ask them...)

Would you rather betray your country or your friend?
Would you rather betray your country or your ideals?
Would you rather betray your ideals or your friend?
Under what circumstances might you do any of these?
Under my own volition? Assuming I'm not drugged? Never.

If you had your life to live over, what would you change?
I'd shoot that rose-loving bastard just as he made it to the top of the stairs at Kolvir, before my father's troops captured him.

Do you deserve to live?
Justify your answer.

What words would you like engraved on your tombstone?
I'll carve them myself, thank you.

Have you ever attempted suicide?
No. (At least, not for myself...)

Star Trek: Classic or Next Generation?

Have you ever lied to yourself?
Did you subsequently come to believe the truth?

Have you ever made love to a person you disliked?
No! That's repulsive!

Do you have a belief system?
What are its basic tenants?
Have you ever doubted the truth of your religion?
What is your moral code?
Is it separate/different from your spiritual system?
"Never start a fight; always finish a fight."
Do you worship in secret?
Might you have trained in the Priesthood?
No, I don't worship, at all.
If the Unicorn/Serpent came to you while you were alone, what would you say or do?
I'd ask, "What do you want?"

What is it that you simply cannot do?
Does money run through your fingers?
Do you freeze during the first moments of a romantic encounter?
Do you panic under stress?
Do you speak your mind at all the wrong times?
As I am a Prince of Amber, I can do anything worth doing.

Your worst enemy is chained into a Laz-E-Boy lounger and you have the remote.
What do you make him/her/it watch?
I'd make him/her/it watch me shove that remote down his/her/its throat and choke to death...

If you were a superhero, what superhero moniker would you choose?
What would be your powers?
What about a notable quote?
Actually, I believe that I may have been the inspiration for both Wolverine (Logan of the X-Men) and the Bat-Man (the Dark Knight).

If you keep a diary, what does it look like?
Where do you keep it?
Is it updated often (daily or weekly), once a century, or only when truly interesting things happen?
A diary? A written record of my private recollections and thoughts? No thank you...

How do you really feel about your parents?
No, really.
I love them.
How did they treat you during childhood?
During adulthood?
Did they horribly spoil you?
They treated me properly.
What about the other Elders/PCs/Chaos Lords?
Got a favorite Uncle or Aunt?
Uncle Lupino and Uncle Julian.

What one virtue is important enough to keep sacred by you?
What one vice would you never give up?
What makes it so integral to you?
My most important virtue? My integrity, my word, my pledge.
My most important vice? Gluttony... (Shapeshifters need a lot of food.)

Your name, do you wear it as if it means something?
How do you react when a lesser man spits on the ground at the mention of your name?
Anyone insulting me does so at grave peril to life and limb...

Name three books on your bookshelf.
Three movies.
What's your character's favorite song?
Theme song?
Books?... Sun Tzu's Art of War... Machiavelli's The Prince... Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo...
Movies don't belong on a bookshelf...
I don't have one favorite song, except maybe...
Theme song?... Bad to the Bone...

Where'd you take your last vacation.
Was it relaxing or fun?
Were you miserable and left/checked out early?
Did anyone accompany you?
On Tiamat IV, an Imperial fortress-world.
I was leading an orbital assault of the Federation's 3rd Starborne Division, "Ericson's Stormwolves."
You might say it was a "working" vacation... (Quite enjoyable, really...)

[Only Americans need bother with this one]
Barbara Walters is interviewing you.
Does she make you cry?
How do you respond when she asks, with a straight face, "If you were a tree, which would it be?"
"Is that the best you can come up with? A tree?!?"

Ever had one of those nightmares where your brain is just tube-fed "fear" chemicals, to the point that even remembering it brings up little goosebumps?
Betcha you have.
You'd lose.
Describe what happens and what was the source of the fear in it -- was it recurring?
Was it recent, or did it happen in your childhood?
Did you actively do anything about it?
Was it prophetic?

What was it that you wanted more than anything else as a child?
Actually, I got everything I needed when I was a child. I never went without...

Eternity has a way of wearing even the best clocks down, but some run better than others.
Do you keep track of your birthdays?
Exactly? Or, "I was born in the spring"?
Do you celebrate them?
Did you up until a certain age?
Describe a birthday party you have had.
Where is your birthplace?
How did it influence your youth?
Oh, and how old are you?
I observe anniversaries of unique, important events.
Birthdays aren't that important to me.
Major wars won (or lost), those are important...

Briefs or jockeys?
Your coffin: Oak or pine?

Name at least two things [Wulf] would do that [Franklin] simply would not. Or, vice versa.
Would you use the special powers of a character if you could?
What really strikes you about the differences between [Wulf] and [Franklin]?
Who's Franklin?...
Wulf has the strength to do what needs doing, regardless of the cost, while I merely wish I had that power...

You must answer [these], even if you're blonde and have to have someone read it to you!
What kinds of things would you like to have happen in this adventure?
My father's legacy restored. His enemies dead or worse.
Would you like to grow, even if it hurts?
Growing beats the alternative...
Do you really like to interact with everyone else, the Elders, the other Younglings?
They exist. Therefore, I must deal with them (in one fashion or another...).
Do you prefer to fall in love half a dozen times before lunch, find your long lost sister, and discover the painful truth behind that story your hunchback nanny told you before she was viciously struck down by old age?
Or are you interested in just ignoring all the character interaction by giving only "yes/no" replies to everyone in order to find the kidnapped princess, slay the dragon, kill the evil archmage, and Save The World As We Know It?
Rescuing the Good Guys, whacking the Bad Guys, and Saving the World (Wherein I Live) is all good.
I'm prepared to do whatever needs doing to accomplish this.
If that means "Talk, talk, talk," then I'll go talk, talk, talk. If this means "hack and slash," I'm still good...
Do you like long good-byes, or riddles?
Would you rather win in a poker game, or sword fight?
Which is more interesting, a battle of wits, or the Battle of Britain?
If you don't know anything about the Battle of Britain (being either blonde or American), let us rephrase:
Which is more interesting, Scrabble, or Risk?
Please note: Besides the question about eating the crayon, this is the most important question.
Well, this and the one about the Laz-E-Boy.
Okay, the Laz-E-Boy one was important, but so was the Boxers or Briefs.
Oh, and the Star Trek/TNG one, let me guess, you put down B5 just to be petulant, or said you never watch TV to make yourself seem erudite, well we're not buying it, buddy!...

And finally, what will you be doing with those handy advancement points you'll possibly be getting?
Already discussed... >;D

If you were old enough to be there, why didn't Corwin mention you in the tale he told Merlin on the edge of the Abyss?
He didn't necessarily know about me.