Flark, Duke Jesby Flark, Duke Jesby
369 points
( 147 + 130 + 74 + 12 + 6 = 150 + 190 + 29 )



    Black Clothing   [4]
    • Resistant vs. Firearms   [2]
      Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons   [4]
      This improved protection was added onto the ring by Flark using his Conjuration.
      If Tom wants Flark to actually buy this extra ability, it will cost Flark two extra points...
    • Multiple Alternate Forms   [2]
    Ring   [4]
    • Rack Multiple Spells   [2]
      This spell storage ability was added onto the ring by Flark using his Conjuration.
      If Tom wants Flark to actually buy this extra ability, it will cost Flark two extra points...
    • Mold Shadow Reality   [4]
    Flarkways, Flark's Personal Ways   [20]
    • Shadow of the Realm of Chaos [2]
    • Control of Contents, Timeflow, and Destiny [4]
    • Communications Barrier, Restricted Access, and Guarded [4]
    • Named and Numbered [×2]
    "Investment" in the Ways of Jesby   [1]
    Various Ministers, Courtiers, Mandarins, and Scribes (aka, Flark's Spy Agency)   [45]
    • Double/Chaos Vitality   [2]
    • Double/Chaos Stamina   [1]
    • Combat Reflexes   [2]
    • Sensitivity to Danger   [2]
    • Limited Shape Shift   [4]
    • Rack and Use Multiple Spells   [4]
    • Horde   [×3]

    House Support: House Jesby of Chaos   [3]
    Devotee: Baron Laan, Flark's uncle   [0]
    Court Friend: Felara Axsum, Baron Laan's niece   [2]
    Court Friend: Andreas Chanicut, ex-classmate at swordmaster's academy   [2]
    Court Friend: Shandor Sawall, ex-classmate at swordmaster's academy   [0]
    Ally: W'Zaal, Flark's eldest younger brother (and reluctant supporter)   [0]
    Ally: Tlon, Captain in Jesby's Household Guards   [1]
    Ally: Jarek, freelance assassin/spy   [1]
    Ally (Demon Friend): "Nana" Skuurg, Flark's former nanny   [1]
    Ally: Lord Quinn, House Jesby's newest addition to the Bureaucrats' Guild   [1]
    Ally: Baroness Yvette and/or Lady Janyth   [1]

    Bad Stuff   [+1]
    Reserved   [7]

    Base   [150]
    • December 03, 1999   [35]
      1. Sorcery
      2. PSY
      3. WAR
    • July 28, 2000   [35]
      1. Spy Agency
      2. WAR
      3. PSY
    • November 2000   [50]   (NPC bonus)
      1. Adv. Logrus
      2. Magic
      3. Spy Agency
    • November 2001   [35]   (NPC bonus)
      1. WAR
      2. PSY
      3. END <--------(Purchased/acquired as of 21-Dec-01.)
      4. Ways
      5. STR
    • October 2002   [35]   (NPC bonus)
      1. Ways
      2. PSY
      3. WAR
    • Black Zone Shadow(s): The Iron Wastes   [3]
    • Letter: Survey of Holdings (treated as a "Diary Entry")   [3]
    • Short Story (Incomplete/Partial): Once Upon a Time   [4]
    • Diary Entry: 23 November 2001   [3]
    • Diary Entry: 21 December 2001   [3]
    • Trump Art: Seonaid and Family (rec'd 13 January 2002)   [3]
    • Trump Art: Baron Laan (rec'd 13 January 2002)   [3]
    • Trump Art: Grak (rec'd 13 January 2002)   [2]
    • Diary Entry: 18 January 2002   [3]
    • Diary Entry: 13 March 2002   [2]

Background (Supplemental):

. . . .

Relatives and Acquaintances (Supplemental):

Anakara . . .

W'Zaal is dead.

After Flark ascended to the Ducal Seat, a day or so after Flark had Lorek assassinated, someone (Feng) hired an assassin to kill W'Zaal. The assassin managed to sneak into the Ways of Amblerash, where W'Zaal was seeking refuge from his maternal grandfather, and gunned down both W'Zaal and his grandfather.

W'Zaal was seeking refuge with his grandfather because he (W'Zaal) had been severely wounded by a thermonuclear troll of Laan's.

You see, Seonaid had discovered (she thought) that the duelist Raga Tvariens, after recuperating from his wounds from his duel with Flark, had moved to Axsum, under the care and patronage of Lorek. Since Seonaid and Fendrith were supposed to meet with Flark and Shandor at Axsum in just a day or so, Seonaid thought this indicated that Lorek and Raga were setting a trap for Flark. So she told Ellionis, who told Laan. Laan set a pair of trolls that had been specially crafted to resemble Flark and Shandor, and had a thermonuclear surprise implanted in them, to the rendezvous (in place of Flark and Shandor).

Unfortunately, somehow, someone (Feng) arranged for W'Zaal to receive a message, supposedly from Flark, asking W'Zaal to meet Flark at this same location and at this same time. Thus, W'Zaal was severely injured (almost killed, in fact) in the trap set for Lorek and Raga.

Charyss . . .

Lorek is dead.

Some time ago, Lorek had got his friend Raga Tvariens to challenge Flark to a duel. Raga was supposed to "accidentally" kill Flark during the duel.

Just a few days after ascending to the Ducal Seat, Flark hired the assassin Bren to kill Lorek. Bren fatally shot Lorek in the head using a high-powered sniper rifle, with the expected graphic results.

Feng . . .

Baron Laan . . .

"Nana" Skuurg is absolutely devoted to her newest ward, Keliith Minobee.

Tlon . . .

Jarek really is a professional freelance assassin and spy. In fact, he now has his own apprentice assassins/spies that assist him in his endeavours.