The Goblin-Mage
A character for CastleWorld by Franklin W. Cain.
All original work herein is Copyright © 2000 Franklin W. Cain.
(However, please be sure to read my legal disclaimer.

Basic Information

The name "Kjuppa" is pronounced "KYUP-pah".

Kjuppa is a goblin who also happens to be a master sorceror.

Kjuppa is also a member of the Circle of Nethozhen.

Personality and Mannerisms

Kjuppa is extremely sensitive about his "racial lack of height", so be careful when you speak to him or near him, as he's been known to take anything that might even remotely refer to size or height very personally. (Think of it as a Napoleon Complex with a heavy dose of irritability and bad attitude.)

For this reason, Kjuppa tends to be abrasive and antagonistic. However, he isn't stupid; he won't start a fight with Nethozhen, for instance, or with Xondra (no one picks a fight with Xondra), but any of the other members of the Circle may be fair game.

Appearance (i.e., Construction)

A Lego minifig for Kjuppa can be constructed using the Luke Skywalker "Jedi - Tatooine" torso from the Desert Skiff set, a Stingray head (the one with the bushy blue-grey eyebrows), a black 2×2×1 (45-degree) slope brick, a white beard, and a black witch's/wizard's hat. (No fabric cloak for him; he keeps tripping over the darned thing!)

He usually carries a wizard's staff topped with a trans-orange cone.


Kjuppa studied under the Goblin-Mage Pjak (pronounced "PYAKK"). In fact, he is the only surviving student of Pjak's, and the only wizard remaining who has mastered all of Pjak's magics.