Author's Notes:

This is paperwork I did for the submission package I put together when I submitted this expansion to WOTC.

I wrote this expansion specifically to achieve the following goals:

Please bear in mind that I wrote this expansion and sent it in to WOTC just before the Alliances expansion was released to the stores. Obviously, several of the cards I came up with in this expansion had to be replaced, as WOTC published cards in Mirage with the exact same name and/or effects.

Here is the letter (of rejection) that I received from WOTC.

Please read this legal disclaimer, if you haven't already done so.
Expansion Name: "Legions" (or "Lord Valko's War")
Designer: Franklin W. Cain

I.a. - New Mechanics

(1). I have only one new game mechanic in this expansion: Legendary Artifact. Some artifacts are so unique that there should be only one of each of them allowed in play at any one time, just as with certain creatures (Summon Legend) and lands (Legendary Land).

(Suggested rules text):

(Some examples of Legendary Artifact):

(2). This expansion also introduces the concept of a formal rule for the paying of life points. Although this is not a new game mechanic, this will be the first time it's formally codified in the rules (perhaps in the form of an included rules card, like what was done for "Legends"). By formally codifying the rules on paying life points, you will free up text space on the cards.

(Some examples for "Paying Life Points"):

I.b. - New Card Classes

The "new" class of card in this expansion is the "disposable"/"one-shot" type of card. (Sorry, I can't think of a snazzy name for it.) This is a card that can be used only once in a game, because it is removed from the game after being used. You've already printed cards of this category (Feldon's Cane and Ring of Maruf, to name just two), but this expansion makes heavy use of this kind of spell. A sub-class would be a card that makes you remove other cards from the game (whether your own or another player's).

(Some examples for "Disposables"):

II. - Background Story

Several generations ago, in an alternate reality (as with "Homelands"), the Elves of the Redwood Forest banished Allaryn, an elvish sorceress, from their lands for practicing dark magics. She found a secure hiding place, and began infiltrating the community of wizards on the Isles of Misty Dreaming to steal what magics she could.

Three generations ago, Strava Loremaster, then a vigorous young wizard, inherited the mantle of leadership for the wizards on the Isles of Misty Dreaming from his late granduncle. Strava had one child, a daughter.

Thirty years ago, the darkmage Tralos made his first appearance, terrorizing the city of Riversmouth with his conjured demons. A young knight, Sir Prando, founded an order of knighthood to combat this menace.

Ten years ago, Larissa, one of Strava's three granddaughters (his only remaining descendants) married Lord Valko of Tarndale. Strava's other two granddaughters, Shandra and Zara, studied their grandfather's teachings and became accomplished mages.

Five years ago, Allaryn the Silent informed Tralos the Dark that Shandra and Zara would be attending their sister Larissa during her pregnancy. Seizing this opportunity, Tralos ambushed the sisters. In the ensuing battle, Tralos was hideously maimed, but the three sisters were slain.

Valko was consumed with grief. He begged Strava to use his magics to restore Larissa. Strava knew of an artifact, the Chalice of Restoration, that can bring a person back to life, but the Chalice will work only once. Dare even an as accomplished a mage as he tamper with such a relic, and even so, which granddaughter would he restore?

Valko was enraged by Strava's refusal. He swore unremitting vengeance against all wizards (save only those who swear to follow him completely) and began raising an army to pursue his mission. Several of the Elves in the Redwood, led by Talanar (an Advisor to the Elven Council), upon hearing of Allaryn's treachery, began campaigning with the other Elves to deal with Allaryn. Tralos, now called the Mis-Shapen, sensing that Strava was weakened by the loss of his inheritors, began an all-out war against him.

As the armies formed, Sir Prando of the Gryphon moved to reinforce the city of Riversmouth, which has the misfortune to be the only convenient staging ground for an assault on the Isles of Misty Dreaming, whether from Tarndale or from Tralos' Bog of Misery.

III. - Novel Cards for Experienced Players

Baggage Train
This card will allow you to attack with a powerful creature, yet still be able to defend with that creature during your opponent's turn.

Greater Warding
With this card in play, you always have a Counterspell ready (assuming you have the mana).

Ley Circle
Running short of mana during your opponent's turn? Using this card, you can get some extra land into play quickly (assuming you have the life points).

Like a Regrowth, only it brings back up to three cards (not just one). On the other hand, you can use this card to force your opponent to either lose cards or pay life points (which can be especially nice if you follow this up with a Timetwister).

Prismatic Circle
Instead of five separate Circles of Protection in your deck, use this card to always get the right color Circle in play.

IV. - Elegant and Simple, Yet Subtle

Codex of the Loremaster
Anything that lets you get more cards into your hand is a good thing, even if it lets your opponent get extra cards also.

Just as Black has a means of bringing back creatures (Raise Dead), so should Blue have a means of returning enchanments to you. Daydream is similar in purpose to Skull of Orm, yet less expensive, and with an element of surprise (you can use it only once, though).

Minion of Tralos
Assuming you have the mana, Minion of Tralos can be anything from a 0/8 blocker to a 7/1 crusher. If you use a Firebreathing, Howl From Beyond, Living Armor, etc. on Minion of Tralos, you can be even more outrageous.

V. - History of Development

I have been working on this expansion since February of this year. I am the only person working on this expansion. (However, I have bounced some ideas off of a few of my friends who are also players.) I have been playing Magic since the release of "Beta."

VI. - Playtesting

I have not formally playtested this expansion (primarily due to lack of playtesters).