Franklin's "House Rules" for TSR's
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D)

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Throughout the many years I've spent as a D&D geek (over half my life, now... geez, doesn't that sound depressing! :-), I've come up with numerous spells for my campaign.

I've also got more than a few PCs and NPCs as well as some character sketches.


I've consolidated a master list of all weapons.

I allow characters to purchase proficiency with weapon groups (a more cost-effective way of spending your character's combat proficiencies).

I've modified the rules for weapon specialization and style specialization.

Minimum Damage for Proficient Characters:

A character using a weapon (melee or ranged), with which he has proficiency, will score a minimum damage of half-maximum (assuming, of course, that he hits his target). When rolling the damage dice, if any of the damage dice roll a number less than half the maximum possible for that type of dice (i.e., if rolling a d10 and he gets a number less than 5), the player replaces that low number with the "half-maximum" (i.e., the d10 that rolls a number less than 5 is replaced with a 5). Thus, a d3 or d4 has a minimum of 2, a d6 has a minimum of 3, a d8 has a minimum of 4, and so on.

Remember that this rule applies only if the character is proficient (or better) with the weapon he is using.


I've consolidated a master list of all (non-combat) proficiencies.

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