A Bride for Merlin
This document covers the special rules to be used for Attributes, as well as the results of the Attribute Auction, for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Standard Attributes

Characters will have the usual four Attributes:

These Attributes will start at Amber Rank, and will be worth the usual amount if lowered (i.e., +10 points for Chaos Rank, or +25 points for Human Rank).

However, because of the pre-requisites for certain Powers, characters will probably not be able to lower any Attributes to Human Rank (not that anyone would ever really want to...).

Psyche PSY

Psyche-masters will not necessarily be able to mind-rape casual passers-by. I will require characters to establish a proper psychic connection (such as a Trump call or a Logrus tendril) before engaging in these mental shenanigans.

Strength STR

Strength is much more than just muscles.

Strength also allows you to take more damage. I'll use the higher of Strength or Endurance for determining the maximum amount of damage your character can withstand. (However, Endurance alone governs how fast your character will heal said damage...)

I'll also use the higher of Strength or Warfare to determine how fast your character can dodge out of the way.

Endurance END

If you are absolutely, completely, and totally certain that your character will never, ever, EVER be bruised, injured, or maimed, in any way whatsoever, then you don't need to worry about having a high rank in this Attribute.


Warfare WAR

(Sometimes, it's just easier to document what this Attribute doesn't cover... ;-)

Warfare governs everything from Conan to Cyrano, from Caesar to Machiavelli, and everything in between.

Comparison: STR vs. WAR

Strength                               Warfare               
Bare hands (claws, teeth...)   Weapons and tools
Brute force   Finesse and skill
Raw aptitudes; untapped potential   Skills and training

"Secret" Ranks

Yes, you may secretly buy up one or more Attributes, by one or more Ranks each, after the Auction. However, once play has started, a character may advance no more than one Rank per Attribute during an Advancement.

Supremacy of "1st Rank"

If your character has "First Rank" for an Attribute, your character is guaranteed to win any contest of this Attribute against any other player character (assuming all other things are equal).

Furthermore, as long as you keep this Attribute as your NUMBER ONE (#1) priority during Advancement, you are guaranteed to retain your supremacy of position.

Post-Auction Results

Rankings (Original)

With only four players bidding, the Auction went rather quickly.

Rank Structure (Current)

Since we've had a few Advancements now, I can let you know some of the (formerly) secret details from previous Advancements.