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Franklin W. Cain
2114 Marshall Fuller Road
Dallas, GA 30157 USA

franklin UNDERSCORE cain AT yahoo DOT com


Bio: My life story (such as it is :-)

Resume: My resume

Games: I've posted various notes and "house rules" for various RPGs and other games.

  • A Bride for Merlin: Here in Atlanta, I'm running a RPG campaign set in Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, using the Amber Diceless RPG published by Phage Press.

LEGO: Fun with plastic bricks.

  • LEGO CAD: I've posted several CAD and ray-traced images into the Gallery at Kevin Loch's BrickShelf.

Recipes: I've also accumulated a fair number of "bachelor-proof" recipes over the years.

Art: Character sketches and other artwork that I've acquired over the years.

Acronyms: Just what do I mean by "TLA"?

Feedback: Please send me your comments.


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Franklin (after a very long day at the office)
Franklin as a LEGO Town Minifig