Audrey-Manette of House Sawall
A character played by Amy Franz in the campaign A Bride for Merlin.


    Psyche:   (Unknown)
    Strength:   (Unknown)
    Endurance:   (Unknown)
    Warfare:   (Unknown)

    (Since Amy joined the campaign after the Attribute Auction, all of the Attributes for Audrey-Manette have "Secret" Ranks. ;-)


    Shape Shifting

Items, Creatures, Shadows, and Constructs:

    Trump deck(s)
    The Keep of the Four Worlds
    (The Fount of Power)
Seonaid and Audrey-Manette, walking away from the viewer
Artwork by Amy Franz.



Audrey-Manette is the only child of Vincenzo Liing and Rhiannon Sawall.

Diary Entries:

(This is Out-of-Character [OOC] information, and might not necessarily be known to your character.)
  1. 8 June 2001
  2. 25 November 2001
  3. 22 December 2001
  4. 31 December 2001
  5. 23 February 2002

Relatives and Acquaintances:

Vincenzo Liing (pronounced "vin-CHEN-zoh LING") of House Hendrake is a happy-go-lucky adventurer who has been only somewhat domesticated by his marriage. He is a tall, thin (lanky) man with pale (platinum) blond hair and deep blue eyes. He usually wears a blue trenchcoat over a dark grey bodysuit, with black gloves and black, knee-length boots.

Rhiannon Sawall is a studious practicioner of the Mystic Arts. She is an Associate Professor at the Royal Academy of Sciences. (As such, Rhiannon is a professional colleague of Anakara Minobee.) She was a cousin to the late Duke, Gramble Sawall.

Audrey-Manette and Seonaid
Artwork by Amy Franz.
   Vincenzo Liing
Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine.
(Click on the image for a close-up.)
   Audrey-Manette and Keliith
Artwork by Amy Franz.