Fendrith in one of his alternate (i.e., "demon") forms Fendrith
A character played by Tom Damon in the campaign A Bride for Merlin.


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Fendrith was a "roadie" and bodyguard for the popular artist (performing musician) Seonaid Minobee (when Seonaid was a performing artist, before she was recognized by King Merlin).

   Vaash, Master of Dragonsouls Keep Artwork by Franklin W. Cain using HeroMachine. [Close-Up]
Fendrith had been hunted for many years (several centuries, in fact) by an unknown sorceror. This sorceror had slain all of Fendrith's clutch-mates, and only narrowing missed killing Fendrith as well (the just-hatched Fendrith managed to flame the sorceror and make his escape). Over the years, this sorceror continued to track Fendrith, and every so often, he would attempt to ambush Fendrith. Eventually, this led to a confrontation at the Bazaar, resulting in a meteoric bombardment of the Bazaar; Lord Flark, along with various diverse others, tracked down this sorceror and brought him to justice. The sorceror's severed head was placed on display at the Bazaar.

These days, Fendrith appears to have taken residence at the Keep of the Four Worlds, where he acts as a guardian of the Keep (and of his friends, Seonaid and Audrey-Manette).

Relatives and Acquaintances:

As mentioned above, Fendrith has no siblings (his hatch-mates were all slain).