A Bride for Merlin
Points, (etc.)
This document covers the special rules for Points, "Stuff", Contributions, and Discounts for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.


Characters will be built on a base of 150 points.


No more than TEN (10) points of "Stuff" (Good or Bad).


I will be awarding bonus points during Advancements based on Contributions I've received from you since your character's last Advancement. (In other words, Contributions are rewarded after the fact, not before.)


Because of the importance of having a Campaign Log (to me, the GM, as well as to the Players), I will be awarding a bribe an up-front Contribution bonus of +10 points to the Player who volunteers to be the Log Keeper.

Note that this +10 point bonus is in addition to any points to be received for actually typing (and distributing) the damned thing! (Of course, if this Player ever quits being the Log Keeper, I'll want the freebie +10 points back.)

These are the "usual", more common Contributions and their respective values:


To encourage certain combinations of Powers (the better to reflect "canon"), I'm offering two different discounts, each with two different options.

Power-Based Trump   [+10 or +20]

To better reflect the commonly-held perception that Pattern and/or Logrus is a very useful pre-requisite for Trump, I am offering this discount for those Trump Artists who also have Pattern or Logrus (or both).

Case I   [+10]

Case II   [+20]

Chaos-Based Magic   [+10 or +15]

To better reflect the commonly-held perception that masters of the Logrus are frequently masters of Magic as well, I am offering this discount for those Logrus Masters who also have both Sorcery and Conjuration.

Case I   [+10]

Case II   [+15]


Here are three example Chaosian characters built using the discounts.

Ex. 1: Magic & Trump             Ex. 2.a: Mega-Magic             Ex. 2.b: Mega-Magic #2
45 Logrus 70 Adv. Logrus 70 Adv. Logrus
40 Trump 35 Shape Shift 35 Shape Shift
35 Shape Shift 25 Adv. Sorcery 75 Adv. Magic
15 Sorcery 35 Adv. Conjuration +15 Chaos-Based Magic
20 Conjuration +15 Chaos-Based Magic 165 Subtotal
+10 Power-Based Trump 150 Subtotal
+10 Chaos-Based Magic
135 Subtotal