A Bride for Merlin
This document summarizes the Powers available, and covers the special rules for the special abilities of Demon / Supernatural Creature characters, for the Amber DRPG campaign A Bride for Merlin, run in Atlanta, GA, by Franklin W. Cain.

Summary of Powers

Here is a summary of the Powers available, along with the associated pre-requisistes.

A more comprehensive description of the Powers, along with descriptions of alternate Powers, is in a separate document.

In general, I will be basing the abilities granted by the Powers more on Zelazny's work than on Wujcik's. Basically, any ability demonstrated by several characters in canon will be granted to those having just the "basic" level of the Power in question, while those abilities demonstrated by only one or two characters (such as Caine's spying with the Trumps, Fiona's shadow-walking shortcuts, and Mask's [Julia's] Trump "gate") will be reserved for the Advanced versions of these Powers.

Note that, in my campaign, the ability to empower a Construct is also reserved for the Advanced form of a Power.




Shape Shift:


Special Abilities

Demons (and other Supernatural Beings) almost always have some form of natural armor and/or weaponry, and often have wings (or some other form of non-human locomotion). Also, various supernatural beings have various extra abilities.

To reflect these abilities, these characters will be permitted to acquire these abilities for their usual ("basic") form by buying the associated Quality (from the rules governing Creatures and Items) with the additional option "Inherent Ability" [15 extra points].

Note that this option must be purchased separately for each Quality desired. Furthermore, this option is available for Qualities only, not for (Creature / Item) Powers. (Obviously, this option is a progression from the options "Transfer Ability" [5 extra points] and "Implant Ability" [10 extra points].)

Here are just a few examples:

Note that if a Demon character does not have the appropriate Quality, then that Demon does not have any ability or protection related to that Quality above and beyond what is "normal" for mainline humans. (In other words, easily ripped flesh and blunted teeth; any wings permitted will be virtually non-functional.) Of course, Shape Shifting can be used to get around this, permitting these abilities while in an alternate form, but the Demon character's base form will still suffer.